Thursday, December 21

Daily Farm Photo: 12/21/06

Sunshine, Blue Skies--It Was A Beautiful First Day Of Winter

And it's nearly the last day to order from the Menu For Hope III. You could win
A Little Lamb To Call Your Own! Click here to read more about this food bloggers' fundraiser. Click here for the complete list of dozens and dozens of truly amazing prizes being raffled off. And click here for a handy dandy list of all the prizes that can be shipped anywhere in the world, free of charge to our raffle donors. We have already raised over $40,000 for the UN World Food Programme which provides hunger relief for needy people worldwide. Many thanks to all of you for your generous support.

A year of Daily Photos ago: Happy First Day Of Winter


  1. Happy Winter Solstice, Farmgirl!

  2. This is SO off topic of your pretty can your recipes be copied without having to copy LOTS of pages...just love your site and recipes...Merry Christmas!!

  3. Happy Holidays! I don't post often, but I want to take the time to say I really enjoy your blog, especially your photos and the stories about them. One of a few blogs I actually visit once or twice a day.


  4. Hi Jade,

    Hi Sunshine,
    If you look at the very bottom of each post it says "POSTED BY FARMGIRL AT 12:40 PM" (or some other time). Just click on that time, and the permalink for the post will open up. You can then print out just that page. OR, you can highlight whatever you want to copy with your mouse, then COPY it, then PASTE it onto a wordpad or notepad page or whatever.

    Alternatively, if you want to virtually save any recipes, a great way to do it is with Even I could figure out how to install the tag button at the top of my screen so any time I want to save ANY web page, I just click on that tag button. There are links to (including one to my FarmgirlFare page) partway down the sidebar.

    For more information about, I highly recommend Elise's article, "Creating Your Own Cookbook," on Simply Recipes. Click here to read it.

    And Merry Christmas right back at you!

    Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks so much for your kind words and for taking the time to write. : )

    Hi Sher,
    Yay! Good luck! Thanks for donating to the Menu For Hope.

    Mice in the barn? Nope. Not a one. Patchy Cat is on patrol down there. All the mice on the farm live in the pantry where they can dine on my sugar and chocolate! : )

  5. P.S. Re mice: I actually set a trap the other day and caught a mouse with a piece of deep dark chocolate cake as bait!

  6. Merry Christmas from central British Columbia. Enjoy your blog very much.


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