Tuesday, December 12

Daily Farm Photo: 12/12/06

Where Does The Time Go?

I haven't been taking many photos around the farm lately, so I thought I'd slip in one or two from the past few months that were never posted. Autumn is always so perfectly color coordinated, isn't she?

Holiday Gift Ideas: Farm & Foodie Stuff From My Friends
Two of my pals have some wonderful original items for sale on Cafe Press. Today is the last day to order from Cafe Press in time for December 22nd delivery. (Expedited delivery available until December 19th.) You can, however, get free Ground shipping in the U.S. on all orders of $50 or more through December 20th (details through any of the links below).

KitchenMage (aka my superSecretBreadBakingCabal compatriot) has created all sorts of funwear for foodies and food bloggers, including adorable "Foodie In Training" baby creepers and bibs. She also has a special
KittenMage line, complete with tees that sport beyond cute photos of "my" kitten.

Do your friends and loved ones dream of moving to the country (or do you)? Now you can buy ten of them their own farms, complete with animals, for under $100 total. How? By ordering seven different 10-packs of art magnets for $13.99 each by my fellow shepherdgirl and artist Katherine Dunn. It's all of the farm fun but none of the chores or manure. These perfect stocking stuffers can live anywhere from the fridge to the work cubicle. Look in the sidebar in any of these links for Katherine's dozens of other fabulous farm creations, such as these darling Ba-a-a bibs and creepers and my favorite Oh, Ewe! items.

More Gift Ideas Soon. . . (better late than never, right?)

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  1. Hi, Susan, This is my first time visiting your 'farm' and I'm already completely addicted to it! A quick look on your recipes list made me want to cook something now! Not to mention the beatiful pictures you take. I just started myself a food blog but it's mostly in Portuguese as I live in Brazil. No need to say I will come back...Bye!

  2. "All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey, I've been for a walk, on winter's day. I'd be safe and warm, if I was in L.A., California Dreamin'"

  3. Hmm...do they make a "Foodie In Training" shirt for adults? That'd be cute, as I've always been a plain 'ole country cook, and at 30 am starting to get into the more "worldly" or "savvy" cooking styles!

  4. Hello Susan ... I hope is well ... If you happen to be checking your blog, I'm shopping tomorrow for ingredients for the "test lamb dinner" on friday and would love to include the glazed beet recipe. I checked your files for the biscotti recipe and I'm going to try that tomorrow night - I hope to make enough to also sell them at the Brusseler Platz Commnity Garden Fundraising event here on Saturday. I'll give you a report!


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