Wednesday, December 6

Daily Farm Photo: 12/6/06

Cary Is Seven Months Old Today!

A Look Back: The Nanny Bear & Cary, Age 11 Days

This is one of my very favorite photos, but it somehow escaped being posted until today. I was clicking through dozens of cute Cary baby pictures last week and ended up with tears running down my face. They do grow up so fast!

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  1. i would love to see more photos of your garden.

    *hint hint*

    this one is darling however

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARY. i love her. FG, i had the most awful dream and i'm hesitant to tell you about it. but i must. let's just say there was a fire and my most favorite farm snugglebun didn't make it. oh how i criiiiiied in my sleep as i watched it all happen. let's hope it stays just a nightmare. give her a pat on the fluff for me! -one of the anonymous ones because i'm too lazy to choose an identity.

  3. Happy Birthday Cary! I know Momma will give you some extra special treats today!

  4. Absolutely adorable!

  5. Oh she HAS grown up quickly!! There's talk of Cary often here... she's so flippin' adorable!

  6. Happy B'day Cary girl & Baaa Rammm Ewe!

    Hope there's some alfalfa pellets in your bowl today. Give her a hug for me, Susan!

    Tina & the rest of the critters at Marietta Shetlands :-)

  7. Ok, these "Cary's Birthday" posts seem to be coming every three days. It is IMPOSSIBLE that she is growing up this fast. And this photo?! To cry, it is so cute. Plus, we all love Bear for being such a good nanny - he obviously loves her, too.

  8. Isn't she just the cutest? And they all (human and animals)grow up way too fast. In the blink of an eye, they are gone to live their own lives. Thanks goondess for who ever invented the camera!

  9. Happy Birthday Cary. I loved reading from the start when she would sleep at your feet as you typed. What a good mamma you are!

  10. Happy Birthday Cary -and commiseration to you FG - they do grow up so fast! Your readers have been given the gift of the ongoing chronicles of Cary. In our herd - we are planning to cull our herd of goats (some does consistently having small babies - too small for market or to use for breeding) but I LOVE my lil gals. Trying to find homes that want some weed chompers and pleasant little fertilizer makers - not chops! Anyhow - Cary was blessed by you as her surrogate mother. Those bottle raised babies never really outgrow an attachment to us!

  11. They grow up so fast.....

  12. I like how she is already lookng for garden "weeds".

    Happy 7M Cary!

  13. Susan,
    I thought sheep were natural conformists? And I remember a kid in my Boy Scout troop (35 years or so ago) who got a mohawk.

  14. Oh,I just adore the photos of Bear. He takes his work so seriously without losing his sense of humor. Please give him a hug for me.

    And a happy but belated birthday to Cary.


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