Tuesday, December 19

Daily Farm Photo: 12/19/06

Cary Can Find A Snack Anywhere

A year of Daily Photos ago:
New Cat Isn't The Only One Fluffing Up For Winter


  1. Cary blended in with ground, much less whatever morsel she found. Funny how animals can find crumbs anywhere.

  2. Nice soil you have there. Looks like the same thing I planted a bunch of pecan trees into.

  3. I think Cary needs a red bow for Christmas!

  4. My goodness, she is such a cutie! I agree with foodierachel, Cary needs a red bow for her Christmas shot! Do you think you can get her to stay in one spot to pose with Santa or better yet one his reindeer?

  5. Our sheep are like little vacuum cleaners - they love those fallen leaves! Happy Holidays Susan! T.

  6. I would love to see a Cary Christmas photo.

  7. I don't understand why my comments keep getting deleted here. I did not say anything bad at all, I just agreed with foodie rachel that a bow was in order and suggested a bell, too. This isn't the first time...what am I saying wrong?

  8. Hi Anne,
    Cary can definitely find crumbs anywhere! : )

    Hi Pablo,
    Fortunately those rocks are in the wet weather creek bed. Unortunately some of the "soil" around here doesn't look much better, LOL.

    Hi FoodieRachel,
    Cary would look so cute with a big red bow on! Of course it would only stay clean for about six seconds. : )

    Hi Vickie,
    Cary won't even stay in one spot for me, let alone Santa or some crazy reindeer.

    Hi Tina,
    It truly is amazing how fast sheep can inhale things like dried leaves or piles of grain. No chewing required!

    Hi Yellow Dog,
    Maybe I can take Cary to the mall and get one of those photos taken of her with Santa. Not that she would sit or stand still of course. But could you imagine how funny it would be to stand in line with all the little kids waiting for our turn? That is assuming we could sneak in past mall security. Too bad the closest mall is 140 miles away or I might be seriously tempted. Cary hasn't been in the car in ages. . .

    Hi Ms. DaFarm,
    I'm so glad you said something because I haven't ever deleted a comment from you! I'm not sure what is happening. I receive copies of all comments via email, and the only ones I've received from you lately are this one, one on the kitchen garden blog on 12/19, and one back on 12/14 where you asked about the "Foodie In Training" tee shirts for adults. It sounds like your comments aren't being published in the first place for some reason. I'm really sorry. Let me know if it keeps happening. I'm about to switch over to the new version of blogger, though, so anything might start happening!

    Is anybody else not seeing their comments show up?

    By the way, my pal KitchenMage who created the Foodie In Training wear thought your idea for an adult tee shirt was super, and she's supposed to have them available soon. I'll post a link to them when she does. Thanks for the great idea--I absolutely love it, too.

  9. As we say at my house, "she's hoovering"

  10. It could be that Ms. Dafarm is trying to publish and loggin in her beta name in the "old blogger" space. There is a seperate place to click to sign in with your google(beta) account. I did this a few times before I caught it - signing in at the wrong place. Hope this helps.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.


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