Monday, December 4

Daily Farm Photo: 12/4/06

Yo! I said I wanted to be in show business, not snow business.

A year of Daily Photos ago:
It's Hay Feeding Season Already (And so it is again.)
And out of the kitchen garden came: Endive & Escarole


  1. Sounds like your storm has been a whopper! Hope you are all warm.

  2. i really like reading your blogs & the graphics are so cute! Somehow your farm stories reminds me of those Enid Blyton books about some kids having to live on a farm after moving from the city. Those were some of my favourites! Also, seeing from their photos, your farm family really look rather like those adorable Beatrix Potter characters. Just wanted you to know that i'm a fan of your blogsite! Out of all the food blogs i've ever come across, yours and Keiko's Nordljus blogsite are the mostt interesting ones ever. I really recommend checking out her site at
    Hope to read more on your farm adventures!
    Big Hello to all your farm family too :D

  3. Your photos are so exotic... I live in France on the west coast and we are having an extraordianary and very unusual autumn.Today the temperature rises 16°C. Incredible!Some lilac trees are in bloom! you understand why your hen , standing in the snow , looks so strange to me. Your blog is a whiff of fresh and genuine air.It also restores my faith in the Americans who do not all look like G.W.B.

  4. I think Whitey needs a new friend!

  5. Hooray! Chickenz! Or chicken, as the case may be. Cluck-cluck-cluck!

  6. Seems to me Ms. Whitey has exhibited an aversion to snow in past photos? Too bad, as she looks all pretty and color matchy against the frosty background. Maybe if she had, say, wooly earmuffs, or something? Or, you know, a dressy pashima? In winter white, of course.

    Do you have a rooster around there? Just asking.

  7. Don't you need ears for earmuffs?

    Unless, chickenz have ears? Not being well-versed in chicken-anatomy and all, you know. Though, they must hear, right?

    Susan, I think you should make some earmuffs and see what happens. Or just super-glue a big clump of Cary-wool to Whitey's head. And please take and post pictures.

  8. Not only do chickens have ears, but rumor has it that the color of the ears fortells the color of the eggs!

  9. Well, I'll be damned! You are right, srhcb.

    While doing additional research, I also found this:

    Chickens have wattles, two fleshy appendages under the chin. They serve no functional purpose other than identifying varieties and breeds.

    FG Susan - does Whitey have wattles? And if so, post a picture! WE want to see Whitey's wattles!


  10. I think Whitney needs snowshoes more than ear muffs!

  11. (picking up the banner for the late lamented, in defense of chickens the world over)

    Whattle it take, Jeff?
    If LTC were still clucking, , you might have had something strategically super-glued to your own feathers. Or maybe some egg on your face.

  12. Now now, my dear Whitey. Don't get your panties in a wattle. Er....wad. It was a simple inquiry. Chickenz are quite intriquing creatures.

    I read a factoid while researching that there are more chickenz than humanz - some 6 billion of you.

    If you had little arms, you could rise up and take over the world! I think it would be be hard to do with wattles though. "A Call To Wattles!" simply doesn't cut it.....

  13. Yeah Jeff, and if you had wings, you could fly, buddy.Maybe.

    Keep those statistics in mind when you're feeling "curious" about chickens, my friend. We are fascinating, it's true, but unlike humans, we are not looking for our 15 minutes of celebrity. You won't find chickenz talking about our wattles on reality tv.

    'Cause we're, like, subtle, y'know?

  14. Isn't that a song..."Fly Like A Chicken"? Oh, wait....that's not quite right. Nevermind.

    Yes, chickenz are an elephant. Not that I am calling you fat or anything. Um. Er. Ahh....

  15. Elephants are subtle, dear heart. And like chickenz, do not claim to be skinny. It's all good, Jeffy.

    Let's just say we're "creatures of substance".After all, there are few sights sadder than a bony chicken , or a bony elephant, for that matter.

    All species do not run to supermodels.

  16. Good grief. No wonder Whitey isn't bothering to lay eggs anymore--she's obviously too busy.

    As for the whole wattle/elephant/flying/fat thing, I'm wisely staying far, far away from that conversation. : )

    Hi Yanyan,
    Thanks so much for your kind words and for taking the time to write. I'll have to look up Enid Blyton--I'm not familiar with her books. And of course I love Beatrix Potter. But I could do without all the rabbits in my garden. : )

    Hi Fabienne de la Rochelle,
    Lilacs in December? Oh my. So glad you're enjoying my blog--and that I've restored your faith in Americans, LOL. : )

    Hi Lindy,
    No roosters around here. Back in 2001 when Lindy The Chicken and her 26 friends and relations arrived as newly hatched chicks via the U.S. Postal Service, we soon learned that the "all pullets" (females) we ordered & paid extra for were in fact not. So after listening to 9 roosters crowing 24/7 up to a half mile away (that morning rooster wake up call thing is bull), we, um, well, ate them.

    Hi Bean,
    You're right. Whitey would probably LOVE a pair of snowshoes. When there's snow in her run she stands around on one foot looking annoyed. It's really funny. I had a couple photos of her doing that, but she just didn't look as good as she does in this one.


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