Thursday, December 7

Daily Farm Photo 12/7/06: Kids These Days

Cary Goes Grunge

Every year the so-called Generation Gap gets a little wider. In fact sometimes it seems like it should be called the Generation Grand Canyon.

A California pal I've known since kindergarten recently informed me that, after weeks of negotiation, her three-and-a-half-year-old son now sports a mohawk. My friend says it looks super. Her mother, on the other hand, pretty much thinks the exact opposite. I doubt either of us girls even knew what a mohawk was when we were twelve, let alone three-and-a-half. And we've certainly never had one. There's obviously no denying it: The Teenage Rebellion has been taken over by toddlers. And even the rural American barnyard isn't safe.

I really want to assume that the red swipe of raddle marker and splotch of green slime ended up on seven-month-old Cary quite by accident, but with kids these days you never know. And of course I can't help wonder (and worry) what will be next. I can only hope that as we near shearing time next spring she doesn't start negotiating for a full-body mohawk.

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  1. piercings baby! or would that be piercings baaaa-by?

  2. Maybe that is the beginning of Cary's "camouflage" phase - next will be twigs and grass on her coat - and oops - she'd done that all along! What a style maven your Baaaby has grown to be!

  3. Teenage rebellion is a sign of advanced intellectual development. Just an fyi......

    And I love a good mohawk!

  4. looks like Cary is getting into the Christmas spirit of Red & Green ;)

  5. What kinds of tattoos do sheep get?

  6. She's a leader alright and just wants to stand out in the crowd.

  7. I saw the word grunge and expected Cary to be wearing flannel...

  8. You baby is growing up. So will it be a teenager pregnancy next???

    She must have been in close contact with someone to get raddle all over her.

  9. Just wondering - how is Cary's leg? She is quite beautiful-even with her new grunge look. You are obviously a good mother by not forcing the "main stream sheep look" at her. She needs to find her own self, you know. Have a good weekend.

  10. Kitchenmage has a funny comment. I'd have hoped that sheep wouldn't be such slaves to popular culture, Susan, but I guess there's a reason that we refer to people who follow others blindly as sheep. But at least it's not a Mohawk. I guess that'll wait until Spring.

  11. OMG! i clicked on the 'raddle marker' link and saw the ram ejaculator. some things a city girl just doesn't need to see - ACK!

    still always love your blog and pics.

  12. Wait until she asks for her nose to be pierced and comes home with green hair. A girl after my own heart! If you need consolance my mom is available. She knows what it's like.

    Cute photo! Jane

  13. Hmmm. Yes, just what kind of tattoo would a sheep get? I can't answer for a sheep, but this human has a sheep tattoo. It's the pic next to my name...I'm baaad to the bone. ;) Although, now that I think about it, I think Cary would have to get a "I heart MOM" tattoo. Rock-on Cary!

  14. It's my theory that teens dress outrageously in retaliation for having endured the "cute outfits" you dressed them in when they were too little to object, and then added insult to injury by capturing the indignity forever with photos.

    Maybe with sheep it's different though?

  15. So...when is our baby going to have a baby?

  16. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all your great comments. I got such a kick out of reading them (now and way back in December--where does the time go?).

    Yellow Dog,
    Now why did I know you would defend her? : )

    Too funny. Now I keep picturing Cary in flannel pjs.

    Cary's leg is absolutely 100% fine. In fact I was just admiring it this morning. Thanks for asking.

    Oh my. It never showed that particular item when I opened up the page--otherwise I might have reconsidered using the link! Glad you survived the experience. : )

    I know those outfits. I know those photos. Do you think it's too late for retaliation?

    Jas & Maureen,
    No babies for my baby until spring 2008! : )


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