Tuesday, June 12

Farm Photos 6/12/07: Life and Love

Hold life in your hand. . .

And keep it in your heart.

I bet you are overwhelmed with the number of responses to your post about New Cat, my mother wrote to me the other day. I've been in tears several times reading them.

I know there aren't words to accurately describe just how touched I am by the outpouring of comments regarding my tribute to New Cat, so I'm not going to try to find them.

Nearly 100 of you took the time to write. Twice I sat down to individually reply to each comment, but I simply couldn't do it. Yes, I am indeed overwhelmed. Your kindness is truly amazing.

All I can say is this. If you're looking for a smile, or if, as Joe likes to put it, you could use a good eyeball washing, I urge you to make your way through the comments. They are full of thoughtful words, wonderful quotes, beautiful images, and personal stories about cherished feline friends.

There are many reasons I keep this blog. Here is one of them, left by an anonymous reader:

Farmgirl, your beloved cat is surely safe with my beloved daughter who was an animal lover without equal. Today would have been her 28th birthday, and I am so glad I came to your site today to learn of your loss. I came to your site today because it comforts me to read about the small things which turn into the great things that make up our lives.

I know that my girl has your New Cat in her arms right now. Her birthday gift today just might be your New Cat. I continue to take the most tender care of my daughter's 5 horses, 2 goats, 4 cats, and her remaining and much loved dog. I am comforted to know that your cat is safe in her arms. I am sorry that your heart is so sad.

Thank you for sharing your daughter with us, and for the marvelous thought that New Cat went off to be a warm and fluffy birthday gift for her. Thank you, Bridgett, for the smiling idea that "New Cat was a concept bigger than just a cat." Thank you, Jessica.

Thank you all.

Bean said, "May the love you give come back to you 10-fold." And as you can clearly see it already has--and then some.

The top photo is one of Whitey's new chicks (which I'll write more about soon), taken not long after it hatched. A small miracle that popped out from inside an everyday egg. But that's what all of life is, isn't it? An everyday miracle.

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  1. Live is certainly give and take, isn't it? We were blessed with twin great nephews on Saturday, last night one of my six ewes died. Ah, the circle of life!

  2. Wow - that chick is SO cute - but my hubby is shaking his head NO. With our goats - cats, dogs and friends - we have all we can take care of already! Thank you Susan and Joe for sharing parts of your life with us,you bless us with your observations and transparency. Tina F - you are SO right - life does in deed go on. I had a much loved goat die Saturday morning and yet - there is a nest of tiny birds just hatched out on our front porch.

  3. Sometimes we are so busy that we do not even notice those little every day miracles. That is the sad part!

  4. FarmGirl, you bring so much happiness, beauty, and laughter into our lives every day. It was only right that your readers should be there for you in your time of need, too. May New Cat rest in peace.

    Yeah, I got a good "eyeball washing" while reading the comments, too. :-)

  5. you are certainly welcome, dear. it was the least i could do. live and let live, right?

    be well...

  6. i was so moved that i couldn't comment
    but i do want to say THANK YOU...for your blog, which is to say, Thank You for sharing you and your life. Thank you for being the person who slept next to him to help him pass.

    The mother's post about her daughter and New Cat is one of the most tender and true things i've read on any blog.

  7. That's what I love about your blog - you remind us of what's important, which is all around us and in the 'now' - we need to pay attention...

  8. Susan...Last Friday I lost my mother after a long illness. She loved cats but had not had one in a long while. Imagine my surprise when I finally had time to check your blog and see that you had lost New Cat. I am comforted to know that there are wonderful animals like that to be with her.

  9. Susan,

    I appreciate your blog so much. Every aspect seems to touch me in one way or another. A Kansas native-now-Oregonian, this brings me back to my roots every day! My 3yr old son and I look at it daily as he loves the pictures of the farm animals. I was corrected once when I said "See? Chicken" and I got "No, mama. Rooster" Thanks!

  10. Wow.. I'm at work, and I've got tears in my eyes after reading about your beautiful cat being in the arms of that woman's daughter. I mean, wow... at the same time it's so sad but joyous to think they could be together.


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