Saturday, June 16

Farm Photo: 6/16/07

Heading Out Of The Heat

We're in the middle of a scorching heatwave, also known as summer, and farm cats can be counted on to find the coolest places around. In this case that means under the 100+ year-old half of The Shack. If we had a basement I'd be sleeping in it every night until at least the middle of September.

Heatwave or not, I'm just happy J2 was out and about. Today was the first time I'd seen him leave the cat cabin since his pal New Cat died unexpectedly last week. I was afraid J2 would go off in search of his buddy, but instead he's been staying in the cat cabin so he wouldn't miss New Cat's return.

I miss New Cat something fierce, but my loss is nothing compared to J2's. Those two were the best of friends who spent nearly every waking moment together, then slept curled up side by side each night on their silly pink wool bed. Tell me animals don't have real feelings, and I'll show you a heartbroken cat.

"It's a bad time of year to chuck a kitten in there with him," Joe said the other day when I mentioned how bad I felt for J2. He meant that in the kindest possible way, but sometimes the things that guy says crack me up. He was right, though. Life on a farm is risky enough for a cat, and snake season is especially dangerous if you're an innocent kitten.

J2 is a friendly guy, but because he was so close to New Cat he didn't want much attention from us. Now several times a day he jumps over to his feeding perch in the cat cabin and cries out for affection. This afternoon I was out in the yard hanging laundry on the line and was thrilled to see him heading toward me and loudly meowing hello. I could hear his purr box running on high from several feet away.

As I pet and he purred, I explained to J2 that I understand how lonely he is and assured him that a new feline friend would be bunking with him soon. I have no doubt that another cat in need of a home will find us. They always do.


  1. You're a good mom to your animals, especially your cats. They are all very lucky to have you.

  2. Hi, Farmgirl! Long time, no see...and I have missed reading you!!! Long, drawn out mostly boring story as to why I've been MIA from the blog world...I'm just happy to be back. Your writing is like catching up with an old friend...a balm to me! Much peace to you!

  3. A fellow blogger recommended your blog to me, so here I am, and I love it. I'm an aspiring farmer, though all I have so far is a veggie garden, so I found your stories and pictures interesting and informative. I'll be back again!

    Sorry to hear about your cat. I thought it was amazing to read about a life passing (your poor cat), and life beginning (the chicks, which are so cute), in the same week.

  4. It is heart breaking to see a pining cat. J2 looks sad but I'm sure that you will be able to cheer him up. Best wishes.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  5. A time for everything and everything in it's season - J2 has to have some grieving time and yes I totally agree that cats (animals in general) have friendships. Just the right cat will show up at just the right time. Thanks for the sweet update Susan and wish I could send you some of this morning - it is raining steadily and in the low 70's - very UNseasonal for North Texas but fabulous!

  6. Loosing 2 cats in a week - that is rough.
    I also believe grieving is natural for animals. When I lost one of my cats, his sister would not get in there favorite basket for 6 months.
    What a sweet sad face J2 has. As lindasuebuhl said "the right cat will show up at the right time.
    Best wishes.

  7. They always find me, too. :-)

    Your new kitty--whoever he/she is--will arrive at the right time. You're right, they always do. Somehow, Bastet knows when to send them. Or maybe unhappy stray cats can sense from miles away that the kitties and people on your farm need four new paws to tiptoe into their lives.

  8. Animals in need always know where to go...and a new friend for J2 will arrive. I am sure there is a sign only understood by felines somewhere on your property that lets cats know that your property is a loving space.

  9. It is amazing how animals know to seek out affection when they need it. People could learn so much by paying attention to their pets...but you know that already. I'm glad J2 is emerging and I hope that a new feline companion for him comes along soon.

  10. We had a basement cat named Koga for years and an upstairs cat named Sally, and the two never met face to face, but they'd meow for each other and play pawsies under the basement door for hours. Koga died three years or more ago, and Sal still bangs on the door some evenings and meows. If someone is in the basement, she perks up and thinks it's her old buddy. Cats DO love each other forever and a day, I think.

  11. I still have Alisha's picture on my computer!!! I LOVE that she wags her tail...I love that she exists in this world...and that you do, farmgirl!

  12. I lost my cat Dylan on Valentines Day this year, he was 15 years old. His best bud was our cat Momma Kitty, those two were inseperable. She has never been the same. She went from a recluse cat who never really approached us to wanting pettings and reassurances constantly! She spent the first two weeks wandering around the house calling for Dylan. It was heartbreaking. We thought maybe she would connect more with our other cat Parker, since Dylan's death, but she wants nothing to do with him. Don't be suprised if J2's behavior changes radically and permanently, and if he never connects that way with another kitty.

  13. Susan - oh no! Not another kitty... I just had a good friend go through the same thing, losing two of her cats in one week. It just feels so unfair!

    I feel awful for J2... I totally understand your points about him being so alone now. If you can find a way to make this a positive spin, at least he seems to be making a new friend in you...someone he maybe didn't need so much before? There can sometimes be good changes in the dynamics that come from these sad losses...

    Tearing up at work,

  14. Oh. my. god. My heart absolutely broke reading this. No one can convince me animals don't have feelings. I feel SO bad for all of you. Poor kitty cat; give him a hug or two from me.

  15. So sorry to hear about all of your kitty loses. I lost one of my bucks this weekend...but at least I have one of his daughters.

  16. I just discovered your lovely blog this week and I am SO enjoying it. I read this post and immediately went and found my cat Binx and gave him a big, long hug!

  17. susan. the stories from your farm inspire and amaze me. there is such beautiful in the cycle of life that a farm goes through. it comforts me to know that even though your farm is filled with beloved animals, when one leaves they are missed beyond words. being a city-dweller, i've always wondered if that were true. your blog gives me the encourage to rejoice over life, be heart-broken with a loss, and then rejoice all over again.

    much thanks. my heart is thinking of you.

  18. I absolutely LOVE your kitties. So beautiful


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