Tuesday, June 19

Farm Photo: 6/19/07

Caution: Foodie Forming

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6/19/07: Real Still Life (chickens a year ago too)
WDB#39: Lucky Buddy Bear loves his sheep so much he licks them dry when they get wet

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  1. Getting so big, already!

    Ellen xx

  2. "Hmm," thinks the little chick -"wild field greens - I wonder if that lady who keeps sticking her hand in here could bring me some creamy Italian dressing?"

    Gives Fresh Express a whole new meaning, doesn't it? Great picture Susan - such a special tribute to Whitey too :-) T.

  3. Awwwww! They're getting their grown-up wing feathers already! And only a couple weeks old!

    When will you know how many hens and roosters you have?

  4. If you were my neighbor, I'd whine and whine and whine until you let play with the baby chicks...all day long :)

  5. Hey Susan, don't know how often you check out MTV, but just caught the new White Stripes video for "Icky Thump" and a birdie not unlike Whitey runs out the door mid-way through. I'm not kidding.

    From now on, they shall be known as The Whitey Stripes in our house. :-)

  6. How interesting to see feathers emerging in fits and starts from the yellow fluff. I'm looking forward to more photos showing how they develop!

  7. I am surprised at how quickly little chicks grow - Wow!

  8. Um, your fuzzy chick is wearing a capelet. Is she old enough to be flaunting such an adolescent piece of attire?

  9. Awww, izzawiddlecutiechickie--*cough*

    Yes, well.

    We're in the process of waiting for the rest of our first clutch to hatch here, too. Six down, three to go. It's amazing how gangly they are when they first come out... and how they fluff up!

  10. How adorable!!! I am waiting, hoping, someday we will have a farm. And I will have chickens, and I hope I have chicks as cute as that!!!


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