Saturday, June 30

Farm Photo 6/30/07: Stormy Weather on My Mind

But Not On My Farm

Because of the way our farm is tucked into this little valley, we never get much in the way of sunsets. Most evenings the sun simply dips below the ridgetop without so much as a wave goodbye. Sunrises can be very nice, though, and once in a while at dusk the entire sky will turn some gorgeous shade of pink or orange. On a clear night there are more stars twinkling above than many people have probably ever seen. It wasn't until I'd moved to the middle of nowhere that I finally realized why they call it The Milky Way. Out here it's one big swath of white across the sky.

We may not be on the wide open prairie where the horizon stretches on forever, but we do get some pretty big glimpses of the weather as it heads this way. The spectacular displays will often stop me in my tracks, but it isn't easy watching storm clouds blow right by, knowing they're off to shower water on someone else when we so desperately need it.

You know it's dry when a cat kicks up a cloud of dust as it trots down the driveway. The storm in this photo passed overhead without leaving a drop, but thankfully we've had a little rain lately--enough to at least settle the dust. It's probably due to the fact that despite overcast skies, humidity at 80% or higher, and not a breeze to speak of, I've been dutifully hanging laundry out on the line. This trick has worked before, and it seems to be sort of working now. By the time I hung up the last sock other day, there were raindrops tapping on my
big straw hat.

Three days later, I'm afraid to break the spell by bringing all that still-slightly-damp laundry in, especially since there's an awful lot of sunshine outside considering the 60% chance of rain in the forecast. Because we have no neighbors, I don't have to worry about word getting around town that I leave my laundry hanging on the line for days at a time because I'm either lazy or crazy or both. But reputations aside, I may have to give in anyway. I'm just about out of clean socks.

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  1. aw heck, farmgirl, what's the difference if you get your socks from the drawer or straight off the line? think of it as a gigantic walk-in closet...i won't tell anybody!

  2. How can there be so much rain between New York and Texas and it misses both central MO and central OH??? So you are already leaving the laundry on the line and I am watering everynight just to make it rain!

    We got about a quater of an inch on Wednesday. First rain in two weeks....gotta go turn the soaker hose on.....

  3. Oh dear Susan - we've had over 10 inches of rain this WEEK and more on the way by the looks of OUR sky. Truly hard on you when we know how you depend on the hay crop to sustain your sheep through the winter. Thanks for the sky updates - yes that is one of the reasons we live in the country. The way our house is situated - we get to sit on the loveseat in the family room and watch the sunset (when we aren't out in it dealing with goats, lawn, garden, fence, whew the list gets long). Your pictures and appreciation of the beauty are wonderful.

  4. I love this post and how it spells out the tone of the weather and where you live right now. I love the picture of the laundry, still hanging on the line, in infinite hope of rain!

  5. When you get a chance, would you kindly send some of that rain our way? Georgia's mighty dry this year. My mom's town has only seen 1.4" of rain in the last 90 days.

  6. farmgirl - thanks for having such a fun blog... the animal photos are priceless, and good for you for following your dream. I'm a city girl through and through, with a little urban garden... i'll keep stopping by to get my fix of the farm!

  7. It still looks like a great place to be! Nice picture...


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