Monday, June 4

Farm Photo: 6/4/07

There'll be more photos and details tomorrow, but right now we all need a little shuteye. It's been quite a day!

Just tuning in? Catch up here:
Farm Photo: 6/1/07:
Whitey Gets Her Wish
Farm Photo 6/3/07:
Waiting With Whitey
Peep! Peep! Peep!

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  1. SWEEEET! :)

  2. So exciting!!!
    I can't wait to see them all.
    Are there any that didn't hatch?
    Can't wait to see Whitey strutting around with the brood following her. Can't wait to see what kind of Mom she becomes.
    Basically - can't wait to see more cuteness and hear all of the details.

  3. Hooray for adoptive parenting! Whitey - hope you had lots of hens and everyone is healthy. FG does she get special feed or a back rub or champagne after all that work??

  4. Congratulations Whitey! Now the work really begins!

  5. Congratulations Whitey! and you of course!! I remember reading the first post about poor Whitey sitting on an unfertilized egg and thinking what a sad story it was. Now she has lots of little chicks - So exciting! Can't wait to see more pics and follow them as they grow up. Gorgeous :)

  6. Congratulations, Whitey!!
    What wonderful memories of my years as a poultry farmer's daughter. My grandmother used to keep the newly born chicks in her kitchen until they were ready to go to the specially prepared chicken houses. Ah, the peeping!
    Happy mothering, Whitey!!

  7. oh Happy Day for Whitney and her new little chicks :)

    [I have the Biggest Goofiest Grin on my face right now]

  8. So cute! I want to snuggle one!

  9. Well done, Whitey and Farmgirl!

  10. What a great adventure! Thanks for sharing. Whitey is such a gal. Part zen part coma, heh, I think she was just resting up for terrible twos! (I've heard those blue egg chicks are really rambuncious!;) How many people years is a chicken year?

  11. What became of the white eggs? Were they hers?


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