Monday, June 25

Farm Photo 6/25/07: Pretty in Pink

Echinacea by the Cat Cabin

I love echinacea. It flourishes in our crazy climate, blooms for weeks, never needs watering, attracts all sorts of pollinators, spreads like mad, and is pretty much impossible to kill. That's my kind of plant.

Want to learn more about echinacea? Check out this kitchen garden blog post: My Favorite Easy To Grow, No Maintenance, Heat Loving, Drought Tolerant, Long Blooming Flowering Perennial? Echinacea!

Did I mention it's a joy to photograph?
8/23/05: Hardy Echinacea Blooms All Summer Long
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6/25/07: Echinacea by the Cat Cabin
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7/8/08: Winged Spectacular (one of my favorite photos)

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  1. Just when I was wondering about drought-resistant flowers to plant in my yard, you post this. Perfect!

    Thanks, FG! It was just what I needed. :-)

  2. This photo would be a perfect postcard. So beautiful.

  3. I'm with you about the echinacea! I love the way it sticks its head out, its arms back gracefully and confidently as if it is preparing to dive.

  4. Echinacea is on the short list of my indestructible faves also - in fact - I bought some to plant in my "real" flower garden and it died! Only the wild stuff all over the pastures and culverts continues to thrive - love it! Great picture!

  5. Sadly, here in the wild west, echinacea seems to be a tasty treat to wild peccary (Javalina, a pig-like creature) that make unscheduled raiding trips through my little garden. They also like tomato vines!

  6. You always take wonderful photographs, but this one is SO nice! I could hang a big print of it on my wall!

  7. Such a lovely journal and photographs.

  8. What an ideal time for this post! I just read today that a US study concluded that echinacea cuts colds by half. Great timing and lovely photo!

  9. What eddybles said. I was scrolling down to mention the same study.

  10. I was thinking the same, the UK press also picked up on the echinacea research piece yesterday and it made me recall your butterfly shots from last year. Weird!

  11. Hi..your blog just looks one which is meant to show something bigger.No wonder it is an award winning one.

    I loved the picture.Am also intereted in pictures so much that i opened up a similar blog...i hope you will drop and check it out and recommend in case you have time...i will be dropping on yours from now..

  12. Hi Miss Kitty,
    Timing, timing, timing. Last night I had this sudden urge to put up this photo even though I'd been working on a totally different blog post. Between your comment and the ones below about the echinacea study, now I know why! : ) I bet echinacea would do great in your yard.

    Hi Britt-Arnhild,
    Thank you. One of these days I really hope to get around to having some cards, prints, etc. of my photos made up, as people are often asking if they can buy them. One of these days, LOL.

    Hi Pattie,
    What a beautiful description of echinacea. They really are lovely flowers--even when they're barely open. And of course the butterflies and moths and other pollinators go crazy over them.

    Hi Linda Sue,
    Indestructible Faves List--I love it. That's my kind of flower gardening, LOL. Echinacea grows wild around here too--in glorious patches on the side of the highways in what often looks like rock. You need to collect some wild seeds and scatter those in your garden. : )

    Now if only all the weeds in my garden looked this good!

    Hi Sheoflittlebrain (that name cracks me up),
    Wild peccary/Javalina? I'm going to have to look that up. While I completely empathize with you, it's always nice to hear that there's a crazy predator/pest we don't have here! I didn't think any critters besides tomato hornworms (ugh) ate tomato plants (in fact I had it in my head the leaves are poisonous), but I learned differently this past spring. I've been having terrible trouble with what I'm almost positive is a packrat that moved into my greenhouse for the winter--it, or something else, ate a bunch of my tomato seedlings I hadn't transplanted yet down to nothing! I couldn't believe it.

    So is Javalina edible? : )

    Hi Michelle,
    Thanks so much. Making some large prints available for sale has long been on my You Really Need To Do This List--but it never seems to reach the top! Thanks for the reminder. : )

    Hi Jeanne,
    Thank you!

    Hi Eddybles,
    Yay! Positive, conclusive news about echinacea. Like I said to Miss Kitty above, I just had this sudden urge to put up this photo last night. : )

    Hi Robinson,
    Thanks for the link. I'll definitely check it out.

    Hi B,
    The spooky coincidences between us just keep piling up. Poppies are gorgeous by the way--there are new ones blooming each morning. : )

    Hi Edward,
    Thanks and congratulations on starting your own blog!

  13. that's echinacea ??
    Pretty pic.

  14. Gather the wild seeds -- that's a great idea. I don't think echinea would grow in my climate, but I might try that with purple phlox and a couple of others.

  15. Great photo!!! Echinacea is such a fun flower to grow. So easy and soooo lovely.

  16. I too love echinacea, however, do not find it to be super easy to get established. I finally gave up last year when my second attempt croaked! Perhaps I'll try again this year...

  17. I am leaving this here because I e-mailed you but never heard back.... I thought maybe you have a filter for strange women and their weird address's so I am coming here to ask you to come visit me I have something for you....
    (2. The next Rockin Girl Blogger Award goes to Farmgirl Fare . I just love this blog , It's about life on a farm , food and Farm Animals , I get a warm and fuzzy feeling just reading and looking.)
    Ok so if you want come visit me and pick this up , please , thank you :)

  18. hi,first time in your blog. Found lots of beautiful photo. And, I feel very calm by looking at them. Will be here more often. :)

  19. What an incredible blog you have! I adore your photos and I love Echinacea too. We don't live on a farm, but we do live in the country. I'm off now to explore further and to add you to my blog links. :0)

  20. Whether you know it or not that is one fabulous picture and a good example as well of bokeh (blurred background). There is just the right amount of color to make it a stand out. I love it!!


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