Friday, June 12

Friday Dose of Cute: Last One Born's a Rotten Egg!

Ignoring the New Kid

© Copyright 2009, the peeping foodie farm blog where, considering these baby chicks (who were born back in, ahem, April) are usually fed (and often photographed) several times a day, it seems impossible that the only picture that's been posted of them so far is this one, and yet it's true.

Where the heck are our priorities? Oh wait—they would be over with the whole 'several times a day' feeding thing. Current chick photos coming soon. Can't wait? Get a peep of past peepers here and here.


  1. Beautiful little creatures with their feathers beginning to grow.

  2. Look at them! So soft and cuddly. It's a shame they have to grow up.

  3. I just brought six more home from the farm store yesterday. All little fluff balls, one smaller than the rest sitting off by itself. I cuddle it more than the others. I love them at all stages of growth, but the tiny ones really are the cutest.

  4. Oh how wonderful!! They remind me of the chicks we hatched in grade school. I especially love the chipmunk striped ones. Super cute!

  5. Love your banner! I was raised on Homesteads in Alaska and ranches in eastern oregon. Boy do I relate to all you are going through! Raised sheep, cattle, chickens an pigs. Trained horses, dogs etc. What a life, that few today get to experience. Way to go on this awesome blog!

  6. So cute. My chickens are 3 2 months. I remember when they looked like this! I just love my girls~
    I live in Missouri too~

  7. I'm just brooding my first batch of chicks now...coyotes killed my entire flock of 11 on 5/16 but I had some fertile eggs. I now have 19 little chicks, four days old, and so much fun! One, Number 19 ("Teeny") hatched last and is quite small compared to its fellows, so is getting extra attention, too. I just want to replace my lost flock so will keep 11 pullets and one rooster, and sell the rest. Whee!

  8. Oh oh oh! I have such a soft-spot for baby chicks. Keep the pictures coming!

  9. These chicks are cuter than the cutest ones. How can I think of having chicken after seeing them. Going veggie from today.


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