Wednesday, June 3

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Steppin' Out

That's One Way to Get Your Minerals

Farmgirl Fare is four years old today!
In my very first blog post, An Unexpected Beginning, I wrote about the word unexpected, which my thesaurus told me meant surprising, unforeseen, sudden, stunning, eye-opening, astonishing, astounding, amazing, breathtaking.

Yep, that pretty much sums up the last four years (along with all the cute of course). Thank you all so much. Here's to another four and hopefully many more!

© Copyright 2009, the time-sure-flies-by foodie farm blog where it wouldn't be a birthday without cake, so there's an Orange Yogurt Loaf Cake cooling on the kitchen counter. But since the oven is still hot and there's plenty of yogurt left over, I'm thinking about mixing up a quick Chocolate Emergency Cake—because it's always good to be prepared for an unexpected emergency.


  1. Happy Blogiversary!

    I love your pictures and posts. I do hope you keep going. Some of the "cute" pictures are above and beyond; I hope they wind up in a book.


  2. Congratulations & Happy Blog Birthday! Looking forward to your next 4 years, and beyond.

  3. Happy happy blogday! I hit four years recently and ignored it. Now, however, I am going to bake a cake to celebrate yours. Because that's what BFFs do. Not that I want any, just doing it for you. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    btw, the never ends. How do you get anything done? I'd just be looking at adorable things all day.

  4. Happy four year birthday! I honestly thought you started blogging before I did, so I was surprised to see it. Many more to come I hope!

  5. Hey, just a note to say my husband and I really like your blog. I've got a link to it on my blog. We like that you keep the photos coming. My husband likes the food and recipes. I like the sheep and farm scene. We live in NH and like to check out that stuff around here too.

  6. *LOL* That's so funny how the other lamb is looking like "I can't believe you just did that..."
    Too cute!

  7. An emergency like eating the whole first cake and then being cake-less, perhaps? Yup, you'd better prepare for that.

    Congratulations on your long, fun ride. We're all enjoying it right along with you.

  8. Happy Birthday Farmgirl Fare!!


  9. ¡¡¡Congratulations and happy birthday!!!
    Your blog is really beautifull!!! The notes are so interesting and the photos incredible. For the ones who live in the city, like me, taking a break and entering your blog is a moment to enjoy!!
    All the best from Argentina....and go on !!!

  10. Four years?? Wow! That's wonderful and amazing and we (your faithful readers) are truly the lucky ones 'cuz you have shared so much with us. Thank you so very much!! I'm looking forward to reading all about what the future holds for you - I love your Blog!!

  11. Happy Birthday! love your blog! hugs :)

  12. Happy Blog-day!! whoo!!! the big 4

  13. Congratulations-----and thanks for the wonderful years


  14. Congratulations! How exciting. Cake and champagne for everyone.

  15. congrats on the 4 reading your blog..I have your orange yogurt cake baking in the oven..yummy smells..I grated a little lemon peel into the mixer died in the middle of the prject..yah I have had it for 32 I can get the one I want..any suggestions?

  16. Time flies - whether you are having fun or not so glad you are having fun (AND CAKE - CAKE is good). We appreciate your blog - so happy blogoversary and many many many more!?
    I got tickled at the comment "next 4 years, and beyond". - thought of the line from Toy Story - to infinity and beyond (from Buzz Lightyear) - we are an interesting crew who drop in to Susan's place!

  17. happy blogiversary!

    and never too tired of those cute ones!

  18. Happy Blog Birthday, fig! Oh, my! Has it been that many years? Your blog has been a constant joy, and you - well, you're one of a kind. Love your farm, your farming consciousness, your shared love of books, gardens, and food - and photography, as well as "the critters". Love on this happy day!


  19. Susan, Congrates! I am so excited for you an your wonderful blog. I am new to it and it is just the best!

  20. Woo Hoo!
    Nice to see you leave the tails and let them be natural. Always fun to come see the cuties and get my fill of great recipes too. A~

  21. Can someone please explain to this city girl what the white powder is?

  22. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the kind words—your comments always make my day!

    Hi Bettyann,
    Hmmmm, mixer recommendations. . . While we own a KitchenAid Proline mixer (it's about 20 years old, but I think it's similar to this one—we mostly use it to grind up beef, lamb, and pork with the grinder attachment) as well as the 5-quart General commercial mixer that I used at the little bakery cafe I had in California, I have to admit that for home baking I never use either of them.

    When baking yeast bread, I always knead by hand, and when I'm making cakes, quick breads, and cookies, I turn to the handy (and inexpensive) little Black & Decker electric hand mixer I've had for years. It always seems so much easier to use a hand mixer than lug the stand mixer out of the pantry and then do all that stopping and bowl scraping while it's mixing. I know a lot of home bakers swear by their KitchenAids, though. : )

    Hi Anonymous city girl,
    That trough in the photo is full of a free-choice salt and mineral supplement we mix up for the sheep and donkeys. It consists of organic red mineral salt, dried kelp, an all natural calcium mineral mixture, garlic and onion powder, and lots of diatomaceous earth, which is the fine white powder you're seeing—it acts as a natural wormer for internal parasites and also does lots of other helpful things, especially in the garden. You can read more about diatomaceous earth here.

  23. Thank you for four years of yummy recipes, cute pictures and fun!

  24. Congrats on your Blogoversary! I may have to try that chocolate cake - I came down with a nasty cold the day before my two weeks off of work. I think that qualifies as an emergency! :)


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