Sunday, June 7

Sunday Dose of Cute: Beauty and Grace
(And a Scary Little Corner of The Shack)

Mr. Midnight on the Roof

And off the Roof

Fancy some more feline photos?
Patchy Cat
Sarah Kit Kat Kate
Mr. Midnight
New Cat
Molly Doodlebug (aka The Doodle Monster)

© Copyright 2009, the supercat foodie farm blog where some of us can leap from tall buildings in a single bound—though not to worry, Mr. Midnight is actually jumping onto a very conveniently located six-foot tall stump, not all the way to the ground.


  1. I see he almost used up one of his nine lives.

    Stay Cozy on your Farm, Carrie

  2. You don't tell us how high the roof is!!

  3. Thank you for putting my fears to rest! I was wondering if he jumped all the way to the ground or not. Beautiful kitty that Mr. Midnight.

  4. Mr. Midnight looks very graceful!

  5. It's cat on a hot tin roof!

    Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

  6. What beautiful pictures! He looks so graceful, especially in that last one.

  7. Very cool action shot!

    my word verification today is: devil
    what?, really?


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