Saturday, June 27

Saturday Farm Photos: One Hot Guy

In hay cutting hell.

©, the still feels like August foodie farm blog (this is Day 11 of unrelenting temps in the upper 90s and heat indexes up to 108) where it just took three people, three tractors, and ten hot and sweaty hours to do a one person, one tractor, two hour hay mowing job—and we've only just begun all this.

But despite the heat, we've still got to eat, and a fabulous farm dinner of homegrown grilled lamb leg steaks, the first green beans from the garden, just dug new red potatoes (which were unbelievably good), a hunk of homemade baguette from the freezer, and freshly baked chocolate chip raisin cookies (a bribe for the cookie loving neighbor who lent us the antique tractor above—which bears a striking resemblance to our own big tractor, except that his isn't dead) almost makes it all worthwhile.

And as Joe's mom said to him a few minutes ago on the phone as he was recounting the day, "Oh, but you love what you do, and you love who you're doing it with." "Guilty on both counts, Mom," he replied. How cute is that? But we'll still both be extremely glad when haying season is once again over!


  1. I know we'll be getting that heat here soon. I'm dreading it. But right now I would almost take it, just to stop the rain. How are the animals holding up?

  2. Oh, GROSS. I couldn't handle haying in heat like that. This is the sort of thing that people who wax rhapsodic about "the simple life" (a ridiculously inappropriate phrase if I've ever heard one) should be compelled to participate in. It would cure them of their romantic notions real quick.

  3. We just finished putting up our second cutting, but it sounds like it went a little smoother for us than for you!

  4. A Massey Ferguson! Love it...

    I agree with Kristin. I'd also like to encourage those who grumble about food prices to try their hand at haying or farming in general.

    We've had a hot spell this past week, but our haying sessions have landed in the cool spots. Crossing our fingers that this will continue.

  5. Good progress with the hay. Must be so much more difficult in the heat. Nice that you have good neighbors willing to lend a tractor.

    Great farm food. Makes me hungry just reading about it.

    And Yay! for your mother-in-law. She sounds very supportive. What a blessing that can be.

  6. My hat is off to you & Joe, and to all the people out there who do their jobs in the hot, hot sun. The heat index today here in Small Town, GA is 107, and I'm completely worthless indoors in the air conditioning. And I have NO POOL in which to cool off. At least you could jump into a livestock watering trough or splash a little in the creek, if need be. [pout]

  7. As much as the heat sucks, at least the sun is shining. My dad hasn't even been able to start his first cutting because it's rained something like 25 of the last 30 days. They have rain every day in the 10 day forecast as well.

    Don't scare the sun away (but send some in his direction, please!)

    Good luck:)

  8. Wow. We had a family reunion yesterday - outdoors in South Central MO. It was hotternhell just sitting around talking. I can't imagine working in that. However, today makes up for the last 10 days, I think.

  9. Cute blog! Love your lifestyle and passion for all things natural...

    Wanted to share my blog as well. Called Organic Spark.

    Molly Chester
    Santa Monica, CA

  10. Hi Farmgirl,
    I just happened upon your blog and love it. I lived on a smallholding in Devon, UK for many years and now I'm by the sea and miss the animals but not the hard work! Just love your photos and I'll be dropping by again quite regularly.

  11. Do y'all only Hay once a year? Good Lord, we/they Hay about three times around here...horrible, back-breaking work, that is.

  12. This week should be a little better heat wise. But that's little conselation when your out in the sun in the middle of a hay field. From your blog I think mom in law is perfectly accurate. You both love what you do, and you do it well on all counts. Besides in the dead of "winter" yes it will come despite the heat now. Carrie, Delores, and all the other hay eaters will be so grateful. This will all pale in the light of their addoration and suplication. Ok I may be slightly over the top. But you get what I mean. You feed the hot farm guy well, and that's a big part of being able to go on LOL.

  13. I think I remember once you talking about building an artisian bread facility at your abode. Am I right? How is that going?

    Sorry for the sweltering heat. Its been hot and humid here, too.

  14. I don't wish for that heat, but we could use about 3 weeks of sunny weather and no rain. We can't even start haying yet.

  15. Oh, how I remember those days in the hay fields with my grandparents and parents. It was chigger misery for weeks afterward. But it did smell so good.

    I have never missed the heat and humidity in Missouri, as much as I love other things about it, but this year I am sitting through an impenetrable cloud cover in Maine. We are cold and drenched. I would even put up with some chiggers to have some sunshine.

  16. Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome recipes. I tried the choc chip cookies yesterday and made the emergency choc cake for my daughters birthday. I turned the choc cake into a layer cake and it worked perfectly. It holds together so well I think it would work as a choc log as well. The cookies are almost gone already. THanks again. I'm looking forward to the heat. It is snowing here today.


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