Tuesday, June 23

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Stripping Down for Summer

Our New Katahdin Hair Sheep Don't Need To Be Sheared Like Our Wool Sheep Do

Their Winter Coats Comes Off All By Themselves

It Can Look A Little Silly Sometimes

But I Bet She Feels Great!

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© Copyright 2009 FarmgirlFare.com, the sweltering, feels like we jumped from mid-June to mid-August, 106 degree heat index with no relief in sight foodie farm blog where the only way to temporarily beat the blast furnace that is our life is to strip down and plunk ourselves into the pool (aka a 100-gallon Rubbermaid stock tank borrowed from the sheep and filled with nice cold water from our deep well)—and putting up the hay (which desperately needs to be done!) has had to be temporarily put off due to the dangerous working conditions outside.


  1. now all you have to do is go around picking the wool that fell of the sheep so that you can spin it or sell it. LOL

  2. How funny, they look so cute! Mr. Bunny is molting and he looks so sad doing it. I almost feel like he looks depressed. I have made sure he has more hay and veggies. The baby bunnies are growing really fast!!!

  3. LOL, that last pic looks like it's wearing the ole timey bustle!
    Who knew there was a breed that sheds its coat?

  4. Love the pix!! I heard how hot it is in St. Louis, MO on the Weather Channel!! It's hot in s.e. MI too, but not quite that hot!

    Looks like summer truly arrived!!

    Be careful!

  5. Too funny - like a sheep/peacock cross.

    Sheepock? Peap?

    I'll stop now. They're adorable.

  6. what do you do with the wool? do you really just walk around and pick it up and spin it or do you just leave it? dumb question sorta but I really do wonder! :)

  7. The heat wave might finally start to pull back next Tuesday or so. Kansas City got a quick thunderstorm last night which helped cool things off for a bit, but it's back up to 98 + humidity today...

  8. I had no idea they do that! How interesting! theyare so cute, I just want to cuddle with them.

  9. Weird and cute at the same time! I'm curious like the others - do you do anything with the fur? I'm in SE Iowa and it's been a scorcher this week too. The heat index was at 110 this week! How are all the animals doing in this crazy weather?

  10. That first photo of the sheep had me thinking,"What IS that weird shape on the back of that sheep?", not knowing until I scrolled down further that your post was about the sheep shedding their own coats.
    Diane L./Bloomington,IN

  11. Ew. Well, at least you don't have a non-removable wool coat. Poor sheep.

  12. Can you show some pictures of the black lambs? I'm curious as to how well they're colour is staying with the new wool type.

  13. CountryMidwife6/26/2009 5:13 PM

    She DOES look so happy and content in the last pic! It makes me happy :)


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