Friday, June 5

Friday Farm Photos: Morning View

From the Front

And the Middle

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© Copyright 2009, the dewey morning foodie farm blog where one of the lessons learned today was that if you wear a calf-length work dress instead of your usual tuckinable overalls with your rubber boots while tromping around in the waist high wet grass, your feet will stay dry, but the bottom half of your fresh and comfortable and seemingly brilliant outfit is going to get immediately soaked. (Rambling run-on sentences are okay in the copyright notice.)


  1. Look how cute they are playing follow the leader. What beautiful pictures! I wish I had pastures and trees like that for my horses to run through. They would love it but Id never find them. Iv thought about getting a couple of lambs but Im not sure.Iv neve eaten lamb and Im not sure I could eat what I raise. I get pretty attached.will see

  2. That gave me a giggle, seeing them walking in lines like that. It kind of reminded me of circus elephants holding each other's tails. As always, love your photos!


  4. Run-on sentences are my favorite kind.

  5. Love the pictures and love the run-on sentences - both are perfect!!

  6. I simply love the lambs truck'n thru the tall grass. My kind of morning view.

  7. Wowwwwwwwww so beautiful.... very cute pictures.... the lambs are trucking through the tall grass. Very sweet Pictures. Good job


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