Monday, June 22

Monday Farm Photos: Vintage Laundry Line

I love my new old quilts (this one is hand stitched).

More photos below. . .

Almost as much as I love cat company

I've aired my clean laundry a few times before:
12/1/05: Warm Wash, Cool Dry
1/2/06: Winter Color
4/17/06: Monday Washday (and a Lamb Report)
1/12/08: Winter Wash and Dry (and the R-rated Version)

©, the comfortably worn foodie farm blog where this former fanatical flea marketer has long since given up her old buying and selling ways, but a recent unplanned foray into various local shops and collectives yielded a surprising trove of beautiful, bargain priced (and mostly useful!) treasures, including these two quilts—one of which is already on the bed. Are you into quilts?


  1. Very Beautiful!
    I know everyone is machine quilting now can't make them look the same as if it was hand done. Something about the feeling too, hand quilted is softer somehow.

  2. Quilts look as charming on the line as they do an a bed...just lovely! Kim

  3. Be-u-ti-Ful!!!
    seriously gorgeous.

  4. one of the greatest forms of folk art to me - quilts - really represents utility and beauty

  5. I just love the quilts! Beautiful!

  6. I am very into quilts. Have several antique ones, one of which was found as just a quilt top in Gram's shed, and my sisters finished it. I've also made a few of my own -- sewing is to me what making bread is to you. :) I machine piece and machine quilt (its more durable). I would like to hand quilt as well, but I haven't the space to leave a project up all the time, and my spare time comes in small increments, so it has to be available for a few stitches at a time.
    ~ Aili

  7. I have one of my great-grandmother's quilts and it's one of my favorite things!!

  8. Love the quilts! I have a groovy one made entirely of patterned velour from the 70s... it's hideously awesome. Really enjoy your blog.

  9. The quilts are beautiful and I love seeing them hang outside. Makes me homesick for something I've never had. Living in Alaska all my life, we don't make a practice of hanging out the laundry.

  10. So beautiful! I want to snuggle up in their sun-dried prettiness.
    I was recently given 2 hand-sewn quilts and i am amazed by them. The time and effort spent making them must have been great, but I know I'll have them for a long, long time. I think having such beauty in everyday life is quite lucky!

  11. i love quilts...even old ratty ones that you can sometimes pick up for a quarter at a garage sale...I have a couple of those...they make perfect picnic blankets!

    beautiful photos today!

  12. Yes I love quilts. I have 2 shelves of them in my closet full of quilts.

    I need some way to display their beauty. Love your new ones.


  13. LOVE quilts. I used to I only have time for smaller projects.

    I am actually a textile-a-holic. quilts, blankets, afghans, sheets, towels. table cloths, place mats, tea towels...I'm a sucker for them all.

  14. I arrived at your blog through "Mooner & the Missus"... love, love, love your quilts! Makes me want to head straight out to search for a few of my own!

    I've recently spoken with a lady from our local quilting guild about making quilts for my sisters and me from our late mom's clothing. Have a goal to eventually learn myself, though...

    I've added your blog to my blogroll... I hope you don't mind! :)

  15. I love the quilts! They remind me of my grandmother's. Mr. Midnight is looking good too!

  16. I hate not having a quilt in my room somewhere year round. I grew up with handmade quilts all my life. I think I have about 6 or 7 or them. I really miss having a clothesline to hand sheets on. Where I live we are not allowed to have them. I love the crispness of line dried sheets!

  17. your clothes line pole looks just like the one my grandmother had when I was little. My mother and I lived with her so I used that clothes line and propped it up many, many times..

  18. I love the old fashioned quilts.
    I am making them like my granny did with scraps. Also, I'm having a clothes line made at a welding shop. The man is making it out of pipe, just like Granny's (minus the rust). The neighbors will have a fit, but, hey, I've been without a clothes line for four years. There is definately something wonderful about living on a farm w/o neighbors nearby.

  19. I so love the simplicity of a patchwork quilt although they are not so simple in the making. I envy your treasure find. Now I am off to find fabric for a winter quilt making like the square ones you have on your line.

  20. What is it with cats and clotheslines? I have two cats and they just seem to love it when I hang wash out on the line, especially quilts, sheets and towels. It must smell good to them or look attractive. Who knows with cats.
    Beautiful quilts, btw. I have a closet full, myself, the oldest being over 100 years old and made from silk necktie scraps.


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