Monday, August 24

Monday Dose of Cute: Happy Cat

Topaz on Her Personal Sun Deck

Our Topaz has turned into quite the farm cat:
1/21/08: How Topaz, Sarah Kate, and Mr. Midnight Came into Our Lives
1/29/08: Farmyard Kitty
6/20/08: Meet Our New Hay Inspector
8/18/08: Tractor Cat
9/4/08: Even Kitty Cats Need to Eat Their Greens
5/24/09: Sweet Strawberries & A Curious Cat

© Copyright 2009, the tortie colored foodie farm blog where we stopped at PetSmart the other day during a trip to the Big City, and when I went over to check out who was in the feline adoption room (couldn't help myself), I saw a cat who looked so much like Topaz I could hardly believe it. Hopefully that sweet thing hasn't spent 15 months living at a shelter like Topaz did—and has already found a loving new home.

Do you have room for a four-footed family member? Please consider adopting a shelter or rescue animal—perhaps from my amazing friend Bernie Berlin's A Place To Bark. Click here to find out how you can spend a few seconds to help her one woman, non-profit organization—which finds homes for hundreds of dogs and cats each year who would otherwise be put to death—win a desperately needed check for $10,000. And click here to learn how you can help Bernie make her reality animal rescue TV show (which networks are seriously interested in) a reality!


  1. That is such a cute kitty!



  2. Wow, I am completely in love with your blog. You are kind of living out my dream of leaving my native California to a farm out in the country somewhere. I'll live vicariously through your pictures until I find a place =)

    Keep up the good work, your pictures are beautiful!

  3. Another great place to find four-footed lovebugs is You can search for whatever type/gender/age/etc of furry baby most snags your heart strings.

  4. What a cool cat. He looks like he was too lazy to lay down and just flopped directly over from a standing position. Too cute.

  5. Topaz is beautiful! And pleasantly plump.

  6. I have many cats here too. I love my cats but my Corgi rules the roost.
    I love reading your blog! It always makes me smile.

  7. Your blog is a perfect blend of great photos, recipes, humour, and much more.
    Thank You so much for sharing it with us!!!
    Greetings from Mediterranean Europe :) :)

  8. hee hee hee hee hee hee hee,

    looks like my daughter trying to float in the pool, but too stressed to to do it!

  9. man, I want to feel like that! :)

  10. I LOVE that and I'm allergic to cats :P.


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