Sunday, August 30

Sunday Farm Photo: It's That Time of Year Again

Firewood Cutting Season!

Want to fan the flames?
9/6/05: The Hay Is In, So Now It's Firewood Season
10/25/05: Some Rather Organized Stacking
10/26/05: Where We Cut Firewood
10/26/05: Why We Cut Firewood
12/11/05: Firewood Getting Low. Ever Cut in the Snow? (I Have!)
2/21/06: Note to Self Re Snowstorm Preparation
12/4/07: Just Another Day at the Office
2/12/08: Frozen Water Everywhere & Not a Drop to Drink
11/23/08: Heat Cheat
1/22/09: Winter Fuel
1/28/09: Snowed In!

© Copyright 2009, the blissfully cooling down at night but still definitely summer foodie farm blog where it's hard to believe that in the blink of an eye we'll be pulling out the polarfleece (one of the greatest inventions ever), wrapping our hands around giant steaming cups of cafĂ© lattĂ© topped with plenty of whipped cream, cozying up to the crackling woodstove, and happily declaring—as we do numerous times each year—that nothing compares to the wonderful warmth from wood heat. I can't wait.


  1. It is true, we all gravitate towards the stove all winter. One of my dogs gets right up against, not sure how he doesn't get burned.

  2. I feel the same way about polarfleece, even though I have Shetland sheep and spin and knit!

  3. HA ha ha! Even here in sunny California I was just perusing the wood shed this weekend and thinking about what I'd need to make it through the winter. We have a Buck stove in the living room and a small wood stove in the kitchen. Last year our county initiated a rule that you can't burn wood on "no-burn" days because they've crammed so many people and cars into such a small space and some people have breathing problems. I burn anyway, it's the only heat my old shack has (my family has been here for 6 generations). I may be reading your blog from jail before the winter's over.

  4. This morning was the first time in months I really wanted a hot cup of coffee. And we discussed the stacking of the wood over said coffee. It will begin soon. Probably this weekend.

  5. Man I just LOVE your blog and I so look forward to each new photo. Thank you for all the effort you invest in it. It's just terrific.

  6. I love cut wood!!!! The look of it and the smell of it. What a wonderful thing to see!


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