Monday, August 17

Monday Farm Photos: A Peek Inside My Potting Cabinet

A gardening girl can never have too many pots at the ready, right?

Every time I look inside this cabinet I smile.

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©, the stuffed to the gills and ready for bed foodie farm blog where the first BLTs of the season (made with bacon saved specifically for this momentous occasion from the hog we had butchered last year, and served on freshly baked Farmhouse White of course) combined with freshly picked sweet corn purchased today from our Amish vegetable connection and a much needed (and wonderfully cooling!) late afternoon rainstorm all add up to one very nice summer day indeed.


  1. Even your potting cabinet is picturesque! I love the pots, and it's about time we saw more of your cool collection of stuff and things.

    btw, my captcha is "doonions" - Hmmm. Do you have onions to check in the garden? I need to check mine in the dehydrator.

  2. Where do you keep your potting shed? The cupboard looks like one I inherited from my grandmother which I keep in the garage and is full of plant insulation blankets. Love your pots. I also have an abundance of pots, some so nice that one doesn't want to get rid of them.

  3. Your day sounds wonderful! I love those pots, especially the ones on the left. Beautiful.

  4. Such sweetness, I love it all!!

  5. Oh, that cabinet is so charming! What a delight to see inside. And BLT's??? on Farmhouse White?? Heavenly, indeed!!!

  6. I need my first BLT of the season. I will have to work on that. I love your pots! I am a total sucker for pottery - any shape, color, size and use.

  7. Your potting cupboard is lovely! Are you sure there aren't any butterflies in there?

  8. Great pots!

    Made both your mexican slaw and olive relish with my homegrown lamb burgers this weekend for my Cape Cod company.. YUM!!

    They said it too.

    Now my question is about Kimchi... ever make it.. have a recipie.. how about canning it?

    I have sooo many cabages in my garden and I love Kimchi.. but have never makde it..

    Looking forward to your ideas!

  9. i love the blues and greens. so soothing.

  10. That's what I can do with the old bunny hutch: keep pots in it!!

  11. What a treat - and what a lovely collection you have! I'm leaning toward "borrowing " the turquoise ones -

  12. Hi--I was finally able to totally enjoy your post tonight--I just got a new internet service that has high speed and now your site loads in seconds for me--where before it took a long, long, time to do so!!! Love the potting shed pictures, but my favorites are always the animals and nature pictures you show--take care hugs, just, Di

  13. First time visit. I love your blog and the whole idea of what you have done. I never went there, but still picutre myslef on a farm with lots of animals.

    I found you by googling images of a hen with chicks. If I link to you, would you mind if I use your photo of the check with its mom in a post?

  14. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the comments. I'm so glad you're enjoying the new vintage side of Farmgirl Fare! My apologies for taking so long to reply here.

    Hi Patricia
    This potting cabinet stands next to my potting bench, which is tucked under the side eave of a little wood shed/garage Joe built about 9 years ago. It's a few steps from The Shack and The Cat Cabin.

    Joe built the potting bench (which is essentially a long work counter) for me not long after he finished the shed, and I love it. He even hung it from chains in such a way that you can fold it up against the wall which is really cool, but of course it's always so covered with stuff that never happens. The only thing is, it's built from rough cut lumber which has started to warp quite a bit.

    Until I can get Joe to build me some sort of actual potting shed (where I can keep my stuff totally protected from the weather - and display more of my vintage garden treasures) it still works fine. And as you can see here, I'm not the only one who gets plenty of use from it! :)

    Hi Barb and Josie,
    The BLTs were so good we had them for dinner the next night, too!

    Hi TM,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the Mexican Jumping Bean Slaw and the Lamb Burgers with Red Pepper, Parsley, and Olive Relish (isn't that stuff addicting?). And on homegrown lamb burgers - yay!

    As far as kimchi goes, I'm sorry to say I've never made it - and I'm not sure I've ever even tasted it (though I do know what it is). I'm envious of all your garden cabbage, though! :)

    Hi PSHT,
    Thanks for asking about using one of my photos in a post on your blog. I already emailed you directly, but in case anybody else reading this is curious, you (and anyone else) are welcome to use one of my photos on a non-commercial, personal site if you 1) credit me for the photo and 2) include a link back to Farmgirl Fare in your post. But I do appreciate being asked first. Thanks! :)

  15. Ooooo I LOVE these shades of turquoise!! What an amazing collection! :)


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