Wednesday, August 12

Wordless Wednesday Dose of Cute

More photos below. . .

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©, the slightly odd but always amusing foodie farm blog where we have no idea why Lucky Buddy Bear (who is adored by this Katahdin lamb and her mother) loves to lick fences either—it's not as if they need drying off like his sheep sometimes do.


  1. Is Bear licking that fence?

  2. wordless wednesdays..I love it!

  3. Why is your dog licking the gate post? Is he just as silly as mine? Who knows what gets into their heads.

    Love your site and your recipes!


  4. Hi
    I've seen my dogs do this, too. I think it has to do with either the salt content of the wood or, the sap in the wood or just because they are dogs and can do this ( to drive us nutz ).

  5. My parents have a dog that loves to lick the wood trim around their doorways... very odd. He also sucks furiously on his dog bed - never chews it, just sucks like baby. He is at least 5 years old and a giant English Mastiff... very odd dogs indeed :)

  6. Off topic, but I love your blogs. I just read on the New Yorker website that Laura Ingles Wilder had another location she did not write about. She wrote about upstate New York, and Wisconsin (where my ancestors settled at about the same time) and the Great Plains. But after she married Almanzo Wilder she became Mrs. A.J Wilder who wrote weekly columns from a farm in Missouri. Does that sound familiar?

  7. BEEAARR!!! Be careful of splinters there, buddy.

  8. ...GREAT shots this week! Love your Wordless Wednesdays! Other folks that find your site on my blog have said the same thing!

    steve green
    windsor, ontario

  9. Is your dog being a good herder or just lying there out of spite, trying to thwart his companion's efforts to escape?

  10. Our old shepherd mix (who looked a lot like Bear, but was bigger) used to love to lick his beagle-brother whenever he was wet. After a bath or a walk in the rain, that beagle was licked dry whether he wanted it or not :)

  11. It must taste like, and therefore also smell like, his sheep.

  12. stumbled upon your blog and am so glad i did...i am loving all these pics...and recipes wow

  13. Looks like someone is going to have a splintery tongue! That little lamb was egging him on I think!


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