Wednesday, August 26

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Smile for the Camera

Or Not (Little ewe lamb on 5/6/09, last seen on May Day)

Baby animal lovers—don't panic! I didn't mean to alarm some of you when I jokingly said in yesterday's White Bean & Artichoke Dip Recipe post, Enough with the all the cute animal pictures. Not to worry, the (almost) Daily Doses of Cute are alive and well!

I mentioned that I was only kidding in the ever-changing copyright notice at the very bottom of the post (I realize many of you like the animal photos best), but I guess some of you missed it. You do read those little copyright notices down there, don't you? That's where all the newsy stuff is—kind of like my own personal non-twitter twitter stream.

Need some more cute to calm your nerves?
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© Copyright 2009, the really sorry if we alarmed you foodie farm blog where we aim to please (thanks for all your feedback over the years!)—and we know from (very pleasant) experience that life is so much better when it's overflowing with cute.


  1. Yes, I read those copyrights! Must be my law school background ;-)

    My faves really are the turtle pics, any new ones around?

  2. I always read your copyright notices. I love all of your photos.

  3. You probably know by now that I LOVE every single thing about your blog!! I love your recipes, all your pictures of animals, farm scenery, heart rocks, hay stacks, vegetables, flowers, dogs, cats, donkeys, sheep - everything!!!

    ...and I always read the copyrights! I always learn a lot in those.

    Thank you (again!) for sharing it all with the rest of us.

  4. yes!
    i read...
    i smile...
    you conquer!

  5. Laughing again -- no more cute animal pix? Never. Not with Cary and co. around!

  6. Reader of your clever copyright messages and huge fan of those lambs this year - something about the Katahdin(which I have heck spelling) charms me in a way no other sheep (goat keeper that I am) have done! Smiling indeed!

  7. So torn ... so I post here, with the astonishingly cute wee lamb, or below with the gorgeous cannellini beans.

    Okay.I've heard the call of the lamb and must post here. You put up cute animals and I'll always come back to see them.

    (Although, the same can be said for gorgeous foodie photographs - I'm just too easy, I guess!)


  8. Adore meeting this sweet baby. But I really love, love, love that last recipe. So there!


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