Friday, September 4

Friday Dose of Cute: Sacked Out Sylvester

Not To Be Confused with Passed Out Patchy Cat

Wishing you a relaxing holiday weekend!

Want to see a little more of Sylvester?
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© Copyright 2009, the upside down, white-bellied foodie farm blog where the ridiculously warped boards on my potting bench don't seem to bother this pussycat one bit—though I'm angling for the construction of a whole separate potting shed, decorated with all my vintage gardening stuff of course (wish me luck).


  1. What a fabulous photo! Sylvester has his priorities in order!

  2. Oh my gosh, that cat look like one of mine. He sleeps just like that out in the barn on the bales of hay.

  3. Aaahhh, what a cutie!



  4. That is one relaxed feline!!! Too cute!

  5. Could Sylvester be any cuter if he tried??? What a great photo!!

  6. Cats never, ever suffer from insomnia.

  7. looks like somebody needs tummy rubs.


  8. Great kitty photo! Good luck with your potting shed. Post photos when you get it done please.

  9. I HAVE to come out of lurkerdom to say that is one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen of a cat! It's absolute catness embodied!

    I'm a sucker for black & white pussers anyways and that fuzzy tummy is absolutely kissable. He looks so soft.

    Absolutely adorable.

  10. Your Oliver is my Micky Mouse - same position, same color. Oh, so cute!

  11. Beyond adorable!


  12. What a relaxing pose. Now that is a happy cat. Enjoy the weekend.

  13. Sylvester looks so happy! More cat photos, please!

  14. Cats have got it right, haven't they? They just *know*.

  15. why every time that i come over here i get all ooey gooey looking at your photos, dear God is this much cute possible in one place?

  16. I love to see all your animals, but Sylvester is one of my favorite. He is precious. I'm always amazed at how content and happy your animals look. They love your farm! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Oh goodness, this makes me want a cat! Hubby would not be happy to hear that sentiment... but as soon as the little one can talk more I have sneaky plans of putting him up to asking for a pet:)

  18. Oh... you (correction!) Sylvester makes me laugh. He sure knows how to relax :o)

  19. Oh, my. I wish I could be that relaxed without the use of prescription medication.

  20. Hi Susan, I wanted to stop by and thank you for commenting on my "before & after" home make-over on Design*Sponge. There's many photos they didn't include, along with more info about our remodel. I'd love for you to visit my blog to learn more, The Old Painted Cottage

    Jennifer Grey
    The Old Painted Cottage

  21. There's a picture of total relaxation! I love it!


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