Monday, September 28

Monday Dose of Cute: Tails in Tandem

These Working Girls Are on the Job (Unless They're Napping)

Want to see more of Marta?
Marta Baby Pictures
7/27/08: Siesta Time
10/26/08: Mostly Marta
10/28/08: Just Doing Her Job
11/6/08: Maybe Marta

1/24/09: Keeping the Food Supply Safe
2/1/09: Moping Marta
2/4/09: Three Dog Sight
2/7/09: Being Watched
3/4/09: Food as Furniture
11/27/09: Thanksgiving, the Morning After
1/12/10: You Shouldn't Take Chances with the Food Supply

And ditto for Daisy?
1/27/09: Losing Lambs and Lottie (and Acquiring Daisy)
1/28/09: Snowed In! (scroll down to see Daisy)
2/5/09: Daisy Off Duty
2/9/09: When Sleeping and Eating Schedules Collide
3/19/09: Nap Time
3/23/09: Bear Hug

4/18/09: A Girl's Gotta Sleep Sometime
4/29/09: Standing Tall and Smiling Wide
6/11/09: Breakfast Company
7/4/09: The Dog Days of Haying Season
8/20/09: Work All Night. . .

10/8/09: The Boss Lady is Back?
10/11/09: Relaxing in the Afternoon Shade
12/14/09: Time to Punch In
12/30/09: Snow Day!
1/16/10: On the Lookout
1/19/10: Oh, Look

© Copyright 2009, the big dog foodie farm blog where our livestock guardian girls have the run of the farm—and we finally realized who (despite being served very large dinners) has been sneaking up and ransacking Bear's dog food dish on the kitchen porch, Smudge's cat food dish on a chest freezer on the kitchen porch, Whiskers' cat food dish up on his porch railing, and Sylvester and Topaz's little Fiesta dish on the potting bench in the middle of the night. Any big white guesses?


  1. I just discovered your blog and will definitely be back for more. What beautiful animals you have, and I love your header, too cute.

  2. Your big girls sure look like they would protect their sheep against anything. I'm sure Daisy will be a good example for her young friend. What a happy, and nice looking pair of pups!

  3. I popped in from PW. We have Anatolians. Our female passed away last December and we are just now trying to decide if we want another right away. Our male has turned into a fat, lazy lump. I cannot leave the rescue greyhound to be the only dog who works. We are looking at an 18 mo old. Your photos are lovely even tho the stories are not always cheerful.

    We live in NW Illinois, but visit MO every May. We take our horses down to Eminence for 8 or 10 days. I like your site. Later -


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