Tuesday, September 1

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Bright Light

Little Kitty

Just getting to know 4½ pound (and 14 year old!) Molly Doodlebug? Catch up with her here:
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© Copyright 2009 FarmgirlFare.com, the sunlit foodie farm blog where the other night we were watching The Golden Compass (which I confess to having known nothing about—either the books or the movie), and a few minutes into it, Joe turned to me and said, "Doodle is your daemon!" And he was right—if she isn't on me (she's sitting on my lap as I type this) then she's always close by. This explains a lot, since she even scampers alongside me when I get up to pee in the night. I've never had another cat like her, and I'm sure I never will—and I can't believe it's been over a year and a half since I've posted a picture of her!


  1. I love how the sun is shining through her fur...I had a cat named Molly...she was a Russian Blue...and not sweet! But I loved her nonetheless!

  2. 4 1/2 pounds? She's tiny!

  3. Oh, the Golden Compass books are wonderful! Read through all three last year, or maybe the year before, when I saw the previews for the movie.

    Go get them from the library in a couple months - they'll make good wintertime reading.

  4. Molly is tiny. I love cats - all cats. Nice photographic touch with the sun shining on her golden fur.

  5. What a hoot! We have a cat that we call Doodle also. She is a calico and old as the hills. She was my late Father's cat and now she is ours. She ADORES me but barely tolerates my husband and kids. We all pay homage to our Doodle Bug though. (My Dad called her Flopsey but that had to go! HA) She has adjusted. Your Doodle is a wee one. Ours is most definitely NOT. HA

  6. Beautiful kitty! Small and fuzzy.

  7. What a charming picture. Glad you liked the movie, and that it cleared up your relationship with Molly. I second the recommendation for the books. They are so much deeper than the movie.

  8. She looks as if you've caught her at the moment she's morphing into another creature. Beautiful!

  9. You'd love the Golden Compass books! They'll make you cry in a good way =)

  10. I love your site, foods, animals and your sense of adventure!
    How do I add your blog site to my blog? I am at www.lambscrib.blogspot.com (my nickname is Lamb)

    Everything I have made from your recipes has been divine.

  11. Hi Mary,
    I'm so glad you're enjoying my site - and recipes! As far as adding it to your own blog, if you mean adding a link, then this information from the blogger help section should do the trick. Congratulations on your new blog!


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