Thursday, September 10

Thursday Dose of Cute: Love Those Longears

Daphne and Fernando (taken 7/25/09)

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© Copyright 2009, the soft and cuddly foodie farm blog where somebody around here doesn't seem to get the 'cuddly' part—as in, he still won't let me touch him. We're getting closer, though; today he kept creeping toward me as his curiosity got the best of him while watching Evie and Esmeralda practically crush me (in a good way) with hugs and affection. I'm determined to win him over soon. In the meantime, isn't the word longears the best? I'd never heard it until a year or two ago, but I immediately fell in love with it. It's even the name of the American Donkey and Mule Society's website.


  1. The pictures are fantastic, but the last one moved my heart a little bit!

  2. Oh his ears look so soft. And I agree with Anne in SC, the last picture just made my mother's heart squeeze.

  3. Just adorable. Our next-to-last baby donkey, Cubby, also didn't want to come near us. Now that he's 3 he will, but sometimes he gets standoffish and won't come near like the others do. When Keister was born this spring, we did things a bit differently. We kept him and his mom in a "bonding suite" for 2 weeks, where we would enter many times a day and play with him. Pick up his feet, look in his mouth, handle his ears. Now, at 5 months, he would sit in my lap if I'd let him.
    I would just keep letting your baby donkey see you frequently and observe your interactions with your jennies.

  4. He's so cute! Does he have a name yet?

  5. Hey Susan those are precious shots! Our next farm animal is going to be a donkey. We have been seeing signs of Coyotes and now that the dogs are fenced in, we are going to put a donkey in with the cattle.:)

  6. Love your blog! what kind of camera do you use? your pics are amazing! have a great weekend :)

  7. When will he have a name? :o)

  8. Hi Anne and Debbie,
    I really love that last picture, too - it definitely tugs at you. :)

    Hi Val,
    The bonding suite is a good idea. I wasn't worried about this little guy since Evie and Esmeralda were really friendly (though it did take Evie a couple of weeks before she decided she wanted to be pet and hugged) but he's playing hard to get. ;)

    For the first few days, Daphne was very protective of him and would put herself between us (or the dogs or whoever) and him, but she definitely didn't act as though she thought we would harm him in any way. If we have any more baby donkeys - and if I can figure out where to make a bonding suite - I just might try it.

    I love the image of Keister sitting on your lap! :)

    Hi Laura and City Girl,
    He doesn't have a name yet. I've been waiting for the perfect one to come to me. It needs to start with an 'F' (in 2004 we started all the lambs and other babies alphabetically so we can remember who was born when - 2004 lambs have 'A' names, 2005 have 'B' names, etc.) and the name that keeps coming to me is Fernando. I kind of love it and kind of don't LOL.

    Hi Carol,
    Our donkeys didn't end up working out well as guards against the coyotes, but I know other people whose donkeys are really vicious - like they won't even let the owner's little puppy into their field. It's fabulous.

    Hi JoanieBaby,
    For the past three years I've taken all my photos with a Canon PowerShot A630. I love it because it's small enough to carry it everywhere I go (I always have my camera with me!) and gives me great photos on the AUTO setting. I don't have the patience (or understanding) to mess with lots of settings, especially when I'm trying to capture some quick moment of cute. I also never use a tripod. The zoom feature is fantastic, too - you can see an example of what it can do here.

  9. I love your donkey pictures! They remind me of an article I read in the Smithsonian about extraordinary donkeys in Fez. Donkeys are an essential tool...and they carry everything there! Here's a link:

  10. I love the coloring of this little guy. Does he have long eyelashes?

  11. So, as large-footed puppies "grow" into their feet, do longeared baby donkeys grow into their ears? He sure is a doll.

  12. Floppy, although he'll grow into those ears. Flicker. Flip. Fitz. Fauntleroy (as in little lord). Frank. Ferdinand. Forte (from music). Ford

  13. Oh what a cutie he is. You could call him Donky Doodle Dandy Ditto. what a sweet face he has. The fact he is curious is a good thing, he wants to come close but hmmmm maybe he should wait. I have used the bonding pen or stall for all of my foals over the years. I have had good luck with that like Val has. But the last foal I raised was a little like baby long ears. He came round and turned out just fine in the long run. He just took a littl extra work along the way.
    Your donkeys are wonderful I think they might be on my list of must haves in the future :)

  14. I wish I could hug your donkeys!

  15. We just named a new kitten "Francis." a/k/a Francis Fuzzypants-is.

    And it's for Francis of Assisi, who was all about the animal love, don'tchaknow?. :o)


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