Tuesday, September 8

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Baby Turtle Blogging

Okay, inspection's over. You can go back to the garden now.

We have something like 16 different kinds of turtles and tortoises here in Missouri, and as long as they're not anywhere near my strawberry bed (turtles LOVE strawberries), I really enjoy finding them around the farm.

Whenever I take the time to inspect these little prehistoric creatures, the more I realize just how truly fascinating they are.

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© FarmgirlFare.com, the hard shelled foodie farm blog where I found this cute little critter hiding in a weedy kitchen garden bed back in early July (and then promptly forgot about these photos).

I probably should have relocated it far away from my strawberry plants, but since this year's berry harvest was already over, and next year's is many months away (too bad, as all this strawberry talk now has me desperately craving a big bowl of this—though if you grow strawberries, the time to ensure bigger berries next spring is now, and here's how) I decided to let it stay in the garden.

I'll no doubt be sorry next spring. And yes, I washed my hands really well after touching this turtle.


  1. Very cute! I don't have turtles here. Just toads and lizards.

  2. Hm...I wonder what kind of turtle it is. I don't recognize it, so it's not one we have up here in NY. Awfully cute, though. :)

  3. OK, my son now wants to come to your farm :-)

  4. would gleefullly trade all our toads for a few of your turtles - toads are destroying our porch by tunneling huge places under it! Cute pictures indeed - thanks for sharing
    as an aside - I'm beginning to deal with the reality of having to sell our place in the country - breaking my heart but I'll always have the Foodie Farm Girl to visit!

  5. Oh my goodness...that turtle is so stinkin' cute! I love baby turtles...we don't have them running around here in California!

  6. As I just said on that site that shall not be named, even your not-cute critters are cute.

  7. Oh, oh, OH! He/she is so adorable! I'm nuts about turtles and can gaze into their wise and ancient eyes forever. Lucky you!

  8. CountryMidwife9/08/2009 5:06 PM

    Turtles are magical to me. But our local bog turtles are dying of a mysterious ailment. :( I might start breeding some, actually, to reintroduce into wetlands around here. Remember, if you see a turtle in the road, stop, and help him or her to the other side (in the direction it was heading!). PS -- snapping turtles, however, are not my favorite.

  9. Those are the most adorable pictures! What a completely un-shy little critter... I am not used to seeing them sticking their head out all curious and cute :)

  10. I am fascinated by baby turtles...they are so cute and TINY!

  11. He is just the cutest little thing I have ever seen. I don't know if we get turtles here in the UK, I don't think we do and I've certainly never seen one.

  12. that is the cutest little wee turtle, i loved the photos! thank you for always brightening my day!

  13. The kids came running to see the turtle (my daughter's favorite). I love the under belly shot, what a cutie!

    Oddly enough I have never seen a turtle in our yard, and much of our property is wetlands. Go figure.

  14. I am tickled to have found your blog, double tickled cause it is a Sho-Me blog. I live in MO pretty much right in the middle of the state! We relocated a bigger version of your darling baby turtle yesterday morning. It was heading for the country road...I'd say that is one of Missouri's Box Turtles!

  15. I'll trade you two baby lizards and a baby garter snake that likes to listen to music and watch you pull weeds for that baby strawberry eatin' turtle.

  16. I am always squealing and cooing at all the adorable lamb, cat, dog and donkey pictures on your site, but this set of pictures is the cutest! I wouldn't even be upset to share strawberries with this little thing! oh its just too much!

  17. Hiya,
    That is a baby Box Turtle.
    You are very lucky.
    I hope the little fella does well.

  18. Because of you I can no longer look at strawberries without thinking about little turtles. This guy was really cute. Thanks.

  19. Just adorable! I love turtles, they're so prehistoric looking.


  20. this turtle is so so cute! i never find any turtles around here, so thanks for sharing such an adorable little guy.

  21. oooohhhhhhhh!

    we used to paint our initials on them with and one of us would come running up out of the woods each summer yelling that we found someone's turtle.

    i forgot about that!

  22. Olá

    Vi sua tartaruguinha,linda!!!
    Tenho uma cá em casa,o nome dela é Maria Fernanda,super esperta,anda pela casa toda e quando quer ir para água começa a roçar-se nos meus pés.Estes animais são maravilhosos,voce é uma mulher de sorte ter várias em sua fazenda.
    Saúde e paz!!!


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