Monday, September 21

Monday Farm Photos: Sunflowers!

So Long, Summer

We'll See You Next Year!

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More sunflowers:
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© Copyright 2009, the sunflower-loving but really looking forward to fall (my favorite season!) foodie farm blog where I have no excuse not to try growing big, beautiful sunflowers (which I never get tired of looking at) next year, since these gorgeous specimens sprouted up, up, up in a garden just a few miles down the road.


  1. delicious delicacies for birds and lots of small mammals - and a few big mammals like us! Sunflowers give us seeds, oil and smiles - all good things.

  2. And what beautiful sunflowers they are - no matter where they bloom!

  3. The sunflower photos are stunning! The flower colors against that blue all evokes a delicious day. Thank God for summer.

  4. Hey Susan, I guess I am first today! I'll send you some of my sunflower seeds (breaking all those import laws again). I had some lovely dark ones this year, all subtle coffee & deep orange shades, smaller than the standard flower head but just as tall.

    Hope all is well. I too thought you'd gone and got a horse till I read the footnote yesterday! I thought, hang on a cotton pickin' minute...she never said!

    Anyway, must dash, the motorway beckons. Lots of love. BW. XX

  5. I love your sunflower photos. I planted a row of sunflowers near my deck this summer and not one of them came up. But I did have a volunteer come up about twenty feet away in another flower bed. Weird...
    Happy Fall!

  6. Wow, that blue sky is gorgeous.

  7. Lovely sunflowers and nice shots of them too:)

  8. They really do have characters all their own...each has its own look on its face...Lovely! I found some seeds on the floor of my potting shed back in July and tossed them in the soil and they came out in gorgeous shades of deep reds and rusty tones...beautiful photos!

  9. Those sunflowers are absolutely beautiful!

  10. I plant sunflowers every year in my garden. They are great for attracting beneficial's like finches and lady bugs. It is also a good 'donation' to nature. I also enjoy growing some of the larger varieties which are easier to shell. I save them in 5 gallon buckets and feed them to the birds over winter. Oh and they make great 'live in' poles for beans and other vines. :)

  11. WOW! Those sunflower pictures are wonderful!! I love sunflowers! Thank you for sharing such glorious sunshine!!

  12. I used sunflowers in my wedding 15 years ago and still can't get enough of them. I love the smaller ones the best. Every now and then I get one that grows from the birdseed under the feeder and they always make me smile!

    (ps - my word verification today is "saggy"...hope it's not trying to tell me something. I thought just earlier today that my back side was starting to get a bit saggy - hhhmmm.)

  13. I love the bee in the second picture!

  14. Girassóis,como amo girassóis,muito já os plantei quando morava num pequeno sítio.São lindos e as sementes maravilhosas.Os seus estão divinos.


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