Friday, February 12

Friday Dose of Cute: Snow Happy

Okay, Maybe Not (but at least it wasn't up to her belly)

Want to see more of Robin (aka Scarface)? She usually has a big old grin on her little beagle face.

© Copyright 2010, the memory lapsed foodie farm blog where last month I posted a dose of cute called Cold Backs, Warm Hearts. It was two photos, but there were actually supposed to be three. Better late than never, the forgotten third one is now up—just in case some of you can't get enough of dogs in snow. And for those of you wondering about Scarface up there—she's had that scar on her snout since she was a pup, and we're pretty sure it came from a tangle with a poisonous copperhead snake. Our bad ass beagle is small, but she's tough. And although she's mostly retired these days, she still desperately despises donkeys on a very busy, full-time basis.


  1. our fairly newly acquired semi schnauzeer is a goat attack dog (from inside our yard fence) and she desperately despises cats. Never have had an anti cat dog so good we have only a barn cat now. I do love your beagle - she is a tough 'un .

  2. Love your bad ass beagle! She looks well loved and content to me. She must be tough to survive a copperhead as a puppy. Bet her dislike of donkeys can cause some excitement even at this age!

  3. So pretty! A happy dog...



  4. She reminds me of a grumpy beagle we use to have when I was a kid. True blood beagles are something else, tough as nails and still so loveable. Does she ever get to go rabbit hunting?

  5. Give Robin a snuggle from me - may be a tough cookie, but a real sweetheart!

  6. Your dog is "retired". That is a cute expression. She is so cute!

  7. Beagles crack me up - such funny dogs. I wish we had some of that snow here!

  8. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for the fun comments!

    It's truly hysterical just how much Robin despises donkeys. If she's outside and they come near her, she starts growling and barking ferociously at them - which of course sets Bear off barking like mad because he thinks there's an actual threat. Then if the big girls are around, they get to running towards the invisible trouble. It's a whole chain reaction. : )

    Oh, that's so sweet.

    You're right - beagles are something else. I knew nothing about them before Robin trotted into my life as a little lost pup over 13 years ago, but I've had so much fun having her around. A friend once described a beagle as 'a big dog in a little dog suit' and I think that's so right.

    As for rabbit hunting, Robin used to be an ace rabbit (and squirrel) hunter, but these days she doesn't move quite that fast anymore. : )

    She is definitely a sweetheart through and through. Except when donkeys are around. ; )

    She does a lot of close guarding of the woodstove in the living room these days - and is very good at it. ; )


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