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Tuesday Farm Photo: Cold Weather Food

And the Winner of Keeping the Feast!

Fortunately a Little Snow Doesn't Affect the Flavor

The best part of doing a book giveaway is reading all of your entry comments. I always ask you to answer a question that somehow relates to the book (and often involves food), and you never disappoint. Memories and stories, dreams and recipes, laughter and tears—you share it all. Thank you. In case you'd like to go back and read back through these wonderful collections, I've included links below to previous book review/giveaway posts.

For this giveaway, I asked you to tell us something about how food or cooking has in some way, big or small, helped you or someone else heal or survive a tough time. Your responses were so moving you even inspired Keeping the Feast author, Paula Butturini (whose recipe for Italian White Soup is here), to leave a comment:

After sitting quietly in my dining room banging away on my computer for the last couple of years, it's amazing to 'hear' people talking through the Internet about both the book and what food means to them. I'm cheered by the review and comments. Read through till the end; it may not be a Hollywood happy ending, but it's a real one.

And the winner of the advance copy is: Julie!
Eating has always been one of my favorite things. Cooking has become one. To me, it's just another creative outlet. We have suffered financially over the past few years. As a result, we have not been able to go out to eat hardly at all. This has forced me to up my cooking skills to a new level to satisfy my palette. I have had a great time doing it. However, nothing beats the joy of cooking for a grateful, friendly crowd. I love that food brings people together.

Thanks to everybody for entering. I already have some more fun book giveaways lined up. In the meantime, Keeping the Feast will be released in hardcover on February 18th. The cover price is $25.95, and you can pre-order it from amazon.com for $17.13.

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  1. I started a ministry when I lived in Murfreesboro called "Jammin' for the Lord." I made homemade strawberry jam for the sick and shut-ins fed through the local church's Meals on Wheels program. Each jar was blessed with a prayer and I attached a short note to some. My prayer was that the small gift would bring a smile to someone who was sick or lonesome.


  2. Yea, me! I'm so excited. Thank you so much.

  3. Congrats to Julie!

    I must agree with her, as we've been through financial straits this last year, and since I've been home I have worked on not only improving my cooking and baking skills, but also on diversifying what we eat. Sometimes it's a keeper, and sometimes it's not, but like I told my hubby, it's the only way you're going to find new fav recipes! :-)

  4. Emily Harris2/03/2010 3:31 PM

    This is a great blog! I especially loved your story about Cary. I'm sure more than one person has told you it should be a children's book!

    I stopped at your blog because I'm thinking of reinventing my life--and doing something more physical than sitting at a computer all day (I'm a medical graphics person at Children's Hospital Boston in the Cardiology Dept), and while I could paint all day, I'm not sure I could sell enough to live on. And my husband would probably object! Sooo--I've been dreaming of farms and goats and sheep...anyway, thank you for a wonderful glimpse into who you are, what you do, and how you survive. It gives me hope!

  5. Congratulations to Julie! I am excited and happy for you too.

    I'm going to look forward to getting my own copy of that book and reading it.


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