Thursday, February 18

Thursday Farm Photo: A Nice Day

With a pretty view

Temps in the 40s
A colorful new vintage quilt (for just $20)
Wooly sheep in the background
Golden afternoon light
Chipping away at the giant laundry mountain

A homemade chocolate cake

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  1. You tease us with the mention of chocolate cake! Does look like a very nice day in your kingdom and well deserved!

  2. What a great day...and I lOVE the quilt..I want one for a 20 too..just awesome! Come say hi :D

  3. Wow - great score on the beautiful 9-patch quilt. I have ten or twelve old quilts and use them all over the house - draped over the stair rail, on the beds, over the back of the couch, folded and stacked on a shelf. Love them and you got a good one. Here in California, you never see quilts like that for under $150.

  4. Looks beautiful! er, delicious...uh, never mind. I'w with Linda Sue, give with the chocolate cake recipe.

  5. Great buy! I hung out my sheets and a quilt yesterday! I was so happy to see the lines full on a beautiful sunny day! I plan on filling them again today!! :)

  6. Aw, I'm glad you're enjoying this shortest month. But after the February we've had here in Washington, DC, it's not nearly short enough for me! Now, about that chocolate cake...

  7. What a gorgeous quilt and what a steal -$20!! WooHoo! What a lucky find!

    Now...about that chocolte cake recipe... my plate and fork is ready!

  8. I love the quilts on the line. There's nothing better than crawling into bed at night and smelling that wonderful fragrance of FRESH AIR from bedcovers that have been hanging outdoors!

  9. I love your quilt, it's gorgeous!
    I was working on the laundry mountain at my house as well. It was hard to stay inside on such a great day. My dog and I took a short drive and snapped some photos of some old homesteads in Central MO.

  10. Beautiful, nostalgic picture. I can smell the freshness of that quilt!

  11. I used to hate the month of February due to 6 years of horrible things happening to our family in February. Finally a niece was born in February and stopped all of the bad - in started the good. I now enjoy February. I love your view of February (and wish I knew where to get a pretty vintage quilt for $20.00!).

  12. I was going to ask if you'd made the quilt - wow! It's lovely.

  13. What a beautiful quilt-I would love to learn to make my own someday. And I would definitely hang them on the line in the sunshine-love that fresh air smell :)


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