Sunday, February 7

Sunday Dose of Cute: Hay Girls


We're deep in the heart of hay feeding season! Want to see more munching? You'll find links to lots of hay feeding photos here.

That's Esmeralda on the left:
7/9/08: It's a Birthday Girl!
8/13/08: Meet the Dog Day
8/26/08: Nap Time for Esmeralda
8/27/08: You Just Roll With It, Baby
9/22/08: Bonding with Her Baby
9/26/08: Are Those Donkey Treats in that Bucket?
10/4/08: Cleanup Crew
10/10/08: Getting to Know You
11/29/08: Thirsty Girls

1/10/09: Let's Get Together, Yeah Yeah Yeah
2/2/09: Icy Looks
2/7/09: Being Watched
2/11/09: Are You Ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count?
3/5/09: Last Snow Photo of the Season
4/23/09: Creek's Up!
7/7/09: Happy First Birthday Esmeralda!

And Daphne on the right (seen below with various other donkeys):
12/2/07: A Little Donkey Secret
12/10/07: Flying Donkeys
1/1/08: A Donkey with a Sense of Humor
1/6/08: Stock Dog Inspection
2/9/08: Donkey Update
2/20/08: Our Resident Weather Girls
3/2/08: How Do Donkeys Order Lunch?

3/26/08: Donkey Dietary Habits
5/3/08: Grooming Session
7/10/08: It's Another Birthday Girl!
7/11/08: Up and Running
7/13/08: All Dried Off & Raring to Go
9/13/08: Here a Nibble, There a Nibble
10/17/08: Baby Love—or Just Pestering Mom?

2/27/09: A Baby Donkey Look Back
5/4/09: What Donkey Girls Do During Lambing Season
7/12/09: Happy First Birthday to Daphne's Daughter, Evie!
7/27/09: Mama Love
8/9/09: Broccoli Treats? Blech!
10/3/09: Daphne and Her Baby Boy
11/3/09: Baby Donkey on the Way?
12/22/09: Happy, Healthy, and Plenty to Eat—the Best Gift of All

1/14/10: Soaking up Sun in the Snow
1/29/10: A Kiss for Aunt Dolores

© 2010, the about to probably be snowed in again (woohoo!) foodie farm blog where there's nothing like a little between-the-storms February sunshine to make you think it's a great idea to hang some laundry out on the clothesline rather than risk shrinking it in the one speed (that would be 'flame') dryer—and donkeys rarely pose for photos alone.


  1. Love seeing your donkeys! Not many people seem to have them. I've got three from the Bureau of Land Management. They were captured in the Southern California desert. Would love to compare notes with other donkey owners.


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