Tuesday, February 9

Tuesday Farm Photos: Winter Water

On the Move

I love when our wet weather creek is running:
Meandering By The House
The Bigger The Water Dish, The Happier The Dog
View from the Middle of the Creek after Six Inches of Rain
Morning Mist Rising off the Creek
Cat Fishing?
Sheep Crossing

Running Water, Rubber Boots, & Mud
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life Is But A Stream

A Rare Winter Sight—And Geese!
Flood Watch
Who's A-fraid of the Big Bad Creek? The Big Bad Creek?
A Fresh New Day Full of Morning Mist (and lots more hazy photos)
Surf's Up!
Splish Splash!

Crossing Over to Bigger and Better Things!
Creek's Up!
10/28/09: Where Did that Creek Come From?

© Copyright 2010 FarmgirlFare.com, the gently flowing foodie farm blog where you have to cross the creek to get from The Shack to the sheep barn. After a while this starts to be somewhat of a pain, especially if you're heading out for a walk on the ridge above the farm, because then you have to wade across in rubber boots, change into hiking shoes on the other side, and then change back for the return trip. If the creek ran year round (something I often dream about), we would simply build a little footbridge—and do a lot of refreshing hot summer skinnydipping.


  1. What a beautiful winter wonderland!

  2. Brrrrr.... beautiful sight, but now I'm chilled!


  3. Stunning!! It's hard to imagine that anywhere looks like that when here in California there's sun.

  4. Just gorgeous! I am trying not to get a mental picture of skinny dipping in a creek though...haha...!

  5. Wonderful photos! We finally got a pretty big dump of snow in the last couple of days (not nearly as big as the east coast though!). It is so pretty right now, but not as pretty as your lovely creek.

    Do your farm animals drink from this creek?

  6. The photo's are simply breath-taking! I love snow pics.

  7. I always read and enjoy your posts in my rss Susan, but this time I just had to leave my comment also about these gorgeous photos. They almost look as if you took them in black and white. Truly beautiful!
    PS - I'd build that little footbridge anyway... I'm just sayin'

  8. So gorgeous I'd almost forget how cold it is!.

  9. Looking at those photos sent me off to dreamland. What beautiful shots!

    Thanks for sharing your creek with those of us who wish we had one of our own.

  10. The photos are inviting. Cold, but inviting non-the-less.


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