Friday, November 26

Friday Dose of Cute: Share and Share Alike, Version Two

Share and Share Alike Version 2
Gnat and Esmeralda (click here to see version one)

©, the nippy little foodie farm blog where Thanksgiving Day's pleasant rain turned into ice pellets by afternoon and 15 degrees this morning. After reading the weather forecast yesterday, I went over to the new house and came back with my arms full of clothes. Joe took one look at me and started laughing. He knew exactly where I'd been—into the 18 gallon storage tub (we have no closets in The Shack) labeled POLARFLEECE. I love that stuff. Meanwhile, the donkeys just deal with the drop in temperature by getting fluffier and fluffier (this photo was taken back on 10/15).


  1. every time I come to your blog it solidifies the fact that I want a donkey ;) LOVE polar fleece... an entire tub?!? Lol. That's dedication ;)

  2. Hi Carrie,
    Donkeys are the best - right up there with polarfleece! But why stop at one? A whole herd of them is much more fun. ;)

    As for the polarfleece, dare I admit I actually have two tubs full of the stuff, LOL? One is labeled POLARFLEECE OUTERWEAR, and the other is indoor stuff like pjs.

    Between the thrift stores in St. Louis (talk about polarfleece bargain central) and my mother's best friend from childhood who has developed an extreme fear of my freezing to death in Missouri (and in The Shack) and sends me at least one totally cozy polarfleece thing each Christmas, I am snuggled up and set. : )

  3. completely unrelated comment here-are you on facebook? you can create a page just for your blog-which is faboosh btw!

  4. Polar fleece is a girls best friend (next to a hulky farm guy).

  5. Hi Mrs. Hall,
    Thanks for the kind words - I don't think my blog has ever been called faboosh before. I love it!

    As a matter of fact, I am (finally!) on Facebook. My official Farmgirl Fare page is located here, although it's still in the construction stages. Eventually I'll be putting up a notice each time there's a new post on Farmgirl Fare.

    Hey CJ,
    Ha, so true. Best of all - my hunky farmguy loves me in polar fleece. And thanks to you and Carrie (and confirmed by Google), I now know that polar fleece is actually two words, not one! Who knew? Well, everybody except me and the other 130,000 people Google found who have been spelling it wrong - all 1.45 million of you, LOL. ; )


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