Sunday, November 14

Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas for Appetizers and Snacks

I'm hoping to post a few favorite recipes soon that would be perfect for the Thanksgiving table, but since you never know what's going to happen around here (there's nothing like a ram who decides ten girlfriends aren't enough and breaks through eleven strands of barbed wire in order to reach all the ewes you really didn't want to breed this year—that would be yesterday's excitement) for now I thought I'd offer up a few tasty ideas from the Farmgirl Fare archives. Just click on each title to go to the recipe. Recipe roundups for Thanksgiving vegetable side dishes, breads and rolls, dessert, and more will follow. Enjoy!

Artichoke and Rosemary White Bean Dip

Radish Cream Cheese Dip with Parsley, Scallions, and Feta

Arugula Cottage Cheese Dip

Easy White Bean Pesto Spread with Homemade Pita Chips

Hot Swiss Chard Artichoke Dip
Hot Swiss Chard and Artichoke Dip (and other ways to enjoy my favorite leafy green, which is so easy to grow from seed)

Sour Cream and Onion  Dip
Sour Cream and Onion Dip (and foodie travel)

Homemade (Relatively) Lowfat Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

© 2010, the festive foodie farm blog where we went from sunny and 80° on Thursday to breezy with a high of just 48° on Friday—and an icy 22° this morning. It finally feels like fall again, and I've been warming up the kitchen doing lots of hearty slow Dutch oven cooking to prove it. On this week's menu are a pot of thick and comforting Roasted Leek and Potato Soup with Arugula (or Spinach) and a Slow Roasted Greek Style Leg of Lamb with Oregano & Lemon, Potatoes, and Swiss Chard. This time of year on the farm is one of my favorites—and it always tastes so good!


  1. Obviously, there is no end to the excitement around your place - that's one determined ram on the prowl!!

    Everyone of these appetiser/snacks looks soooo good. Yummmm! How am I going to choose which one to make first? Looking forward to the rest of the Thanksgiving feast!

  2. O my gosh these look so good

  3. ROFL I have a buck here that would do the exact same thing to get to his goaty girls!! Oh yes he is determined LOL...

    This dip looks sooooo good!

  4. Sheesh. Those poor girls. They thought they were safe - NOT.

  5. Well you'll just have to make Romeo a stronger prison!

  6. Well, so far, Vern seems happy enough with his three girls this year - although The Shepherd had to move the ewe lambs because they were coming up to the fence and making kissy faces at him --- little strumpets...

    I finally took the plunge and ordered your favorite Kitchen-Aide immersion blender - It came in handy the very day it arrived as I was processing pumpkin for the freezer and it hadn't quite baked enough to mash down with the potato masher - that Kitchen-Aide really saved the day (and potentially about 10 pumpkin pies from being a little lumpy)
    Hope you and your fella have a great Thanksgiving! T.


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