Monday, November 15

Monday Dose of Cute: The Other End of the Laundry Line

Laundry Line 1
So a few weeks back when I was snapping pictures of my vintage blankets blowing in the breeze on the laundry line. . .

Laundry Line 2
This is what was happening at the other end.

Laundry Line 3

Laundry Line 4

Laundry Line 5

Laundry Line 6

Laundry Line 7

Laundry Line 8

Laundry Line 9

Laundry Line 10

Laundry Line 11

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  1. Too cute! I LOVE black cats too :)

  2. What a darling series of photos! Of course, almost all of your photos have an element of darlingness to them! Thanks for sharing your life with us "city folk" (though my great-grandma had a farm and I've always thought I wanted one too! My husband, not so much~).

  3. oh, how amazingly charming! Delightful. We also have a gorgeous black cat with golden eyes. Great shots!

  4. Little laundry fiend! Such a cutie. :)

  5. Taking time to enjoy the fun stuff is what it all about. When I hang my clothes out I have to make sure that none of the sleeves are hanging down because our goats like to chew on them!!!

  6. I told you that's what would happen at our house!

  7. I loved your post with the laundry and the other related 'claw hole' ones - so funny and happy. Thanks. Helen

  8. My orange cat George specializes in throw rugs. He pounces on them and wads them up in a ball, then walks off and leaves them. He especially likes them when they're fresh out of the dryer. No hanging laundry outside here, too many tractors in the fields nearby. (Also, I admit, I'm lazy.)


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