Monday, November 1

Monday Dose of Cute: Well, Look at That

Three (Sun Bleached) Black Sheep in the Frosty Hayfield
It's a Whole New Week

I love the black sheep, which sun bleach to brown or grey, the best—except for my baby Cary, of course:
11/18/05: Frosted Snugglebunny
4/8/06: BB and Her Newborn Baby
4/28/06: Snugglebunny's Twin Girls Always Stay Together
6/27/06: Snugglebunny's Twin Girls Heading Out for Breakfast
7/10/06: BB and Her Mother Tana Are Always Together
9/30/06: Seeing Double

2/9/07: I Love Black Sheep! (Sheep Shearing Photos)
3/14/07: Tana and Her Baby Boy, First Morning Outside
3/20/07: All Booked Up at the Bonding Suite Inn!
5/13/07: The Tail of Two Mothers: A Mother's Day Story from the Farm
10/11/07: Living by the Light
12/5/07: Spy Sheep

4/4/08: Anybody Need an Experienced Sheep Dryer?
4/20/08: Raa Raa Black Sheep! Another Black Baby Lamb
10/2/08: Gossip Central
4/3/09: Black Babes for Black Beauty
4/14/09: Too Cute for Words?
6/9/09: Stop, Look, and Listen
7/15/09: Getting Ahead. . .
3/7/10: Sunshine and Snuggling Up

© 2010, the can't believe it's already November (November!) foodie farm blog where this is the time of year when the sheep start looking extra snuggly—and suddenly need a lot more square footage per critter at the treat troughs. But at least now when they slam into you, it's padded!


  1. Your sheep and I have a lot in common, padding!

  2. They look very cute and spoiled. They are really sweet I know. I know you enjoy them. Have a good weekend.

  3. do you ever have the urge to put big silky blue bows around their necks? ;>

  4. I think your cute sheep would look great decorated for Christmas!!! They are super cute. Love the dark brown coloring...


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