Friday, October 7

Friday Dose of Cute: Watching and Waiting (and The Whole Picture)

Bear on the mole patrol with bored beagle and sheep backup 1

More photos below. . .

Bear on the mole patrol with bored beagle and sheep backup 2

Bear on the mole patrol with bored beagle and sheep backup 3

Bear on the mole patrol with bored beagle and sheep backup 4

Have an amusing weekend!

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  1. Has Buddy Bear always been a mole hunter? Or is this behavior he's learned from Bert?


  2. Knew Captain Bert had to be around watching over his troops and making sure all the manuvers were perfect. I am sure Buddy Bear will do a good job though,LOL!

  3. I love Buddy Bear's focus and intensity! What a great dog!

  4. Do they ever actually catch anything, or do they operate on optimism? Bear seems to be expecting a parade of moles to come out of that hole. And the sheep are anticipating something, too. Or maybe they're just gossiping about how silly dogs can be.

  5. Great picture! I agree that the sheep are probably talking about those silly dogs! :)

  6. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for the fun comments.

    Lucky Buddy Bear was actually the first (and for a long time - only) member of the Mole Patrol, but until Bert joined the farm family, he was never this into the job. :)

    Yesterday he was with us in a small pen while we doctored a sheep, and he started whimpering and having an absolute fit when he saw Bert digging a little ways away and he couldn't get over there. I just rolled my eyes, lol.

    Captain Bert definitely gets the troops moving - and keeps enlisting more! ;)

    He really does get so into it!

    For a while, we were the ones operating on optimism (love that phrase) - as we watched the Mole Patrol cause more destruction than the actual moles.

    Thankfully things have come around and now the place is littered with dead moles. Though I'm pretty sure Bear is the one who actually catches them. ;)

    Exactly. There's nothing like 19 sheep rolling their eyes in unison. ;)

  7. What would he do if something jumped up and bit him on the nose!

  8. I have some lovely varmint catchers (dachshund and terrier) if you ever need to borrow them. Although, the terrier is still quite puppy and would probably try to get the moles to "play" with her.


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