Monday, October 10

Monday Dose of Cute: Moving Day (One of Many)

Joe uses the tractor to move the propane tank -

Moving across the farmyard, rather than across town or across the country, is both good and bad.

Good: There isn't that one big exhausting moving day.
Bad: There isn't that one big exhausting moving day.

We actually started moving into our new home, which has been under construction for 8½ years, last year (we've been paying as we go and doing a lot of the work ourselves). The washing machine and a couple of new chest freezers went over, we started filling up the big walk-in pantry, we carted over various boxes and plastic tubs of stuff.

We began sleeping in the new house (which Joe says we need to just start calling 'the house') in August, the night before our new fancy air conditioning system broke for the third extremely exasperating time. Cross your fingers it's finally fixed (now that we don't need air conditioning).

More below. . .
Topaz inspecting the chicken treat container -
Topaz in the new kitchen—she still likes to steal chicken treats.

We're still finishing up a few things downstairs—building and painting windowsills, installing trim around interior doors, installing interior doors, building kitchen cabinets—and my studio office, along with our satellite Internet service, is still in The Shack, but we're pretty much living in the new place.

Relocating the propane tank a couple of weeks ago was the real tipping point. The stove went with it—and so did I. I love my new bright and airy kitchen, which still feels roomy despite the 7-foot wide deck oven and 60 quart mixer taking up a large portion of it (they're for the wholesale bread bakery that's been put on indefinite hold).

Beagle Bert -

For well over a year, I've been making numerous trips back and forth each day between the new house and The Shack, fetching stuff from over there that I needed back in The Shack. Now I make several trips back and forth each day toting stuff from The Shack to the new house.

We operating under a kind of 'get it when you need it' plan: the measuring cups, chicken stock strainer, and a chair move one day, more t-shirts, socks, the Sriracha sauce and the battery charger go the next, with almost every item getting immediately put away in its permanent place. We figure if we make a concerted effort to grab something every time we're over near The Shack, someday we'll be completely moved in.

There are definite advantages to being able to take our time moving.

Bert keeled over at the thought of spending 8 years moving -

As long as we're not still doing it in another 8½ years.

©, where not to worry, beagle Bert and his beloved Coolaroo have already made the move (photos soon).


  1. It IS sometimes easier to just move all in one day! ;) Glad you are finally getting settled in!

  2. Oh man 8 1/2 years is a long time but I think looking back it was not the ONLY the way to go but the best way, after all you've kept us entertained and holding our breaths in anticipation of this day. You ought to write a book I'm sure it would be as popular as this great daily peek into your corner of the world. I'm happy and proud to be a 'voyeur' in this context anyway!! Congrats on your (and hunky guy) achievements!!

  3. Rae Otlowski10/11/2011 7:56 AM

    Congratulations on getting (mostly) into the new house! We built our home ourselves fifteen years ago. We moved into it partially finished(with two small children in tow) and worked on it as we went. Hmmm, there are still things undone. Oh well, we loved the experience!

  4. When we moved from the trailer to the house, 100 ft took several trips. But, we went ahead and made big loads.

    Cause I wanted to get rid of that trailer as soon as possible. We didn't want it in front of our house.

  5. Has been a long time coming and I'm excited for you - not having ice in the living area when winter comes will be a blessing. Apparently the animals are good with your move (Bert definitely has a let the good times roll attitidue).

  6. Congrats!! How exciting!
    It would be interesting to see what finally tips the language scale so you call it the house instead of the new house.

  7. So, then what will become of The Shack? Are the chickens already posturing for an upgrade?

  8. Debbie Rogers10/11/2011 9:22 PM

    We added a big den onto our house in 1990 and we still call it "the new room". Well, it will always be newer than the rest of the
    house! ;-) Please show us your new kitchen!
    deb in Georgia

  9. Congratulations! Are definitely in order!! this is so exciting and I know we are all very happy &excited for all of you!! any chance we could get a bit of a tour of the kitchen and a bit of your new living spaces?

    You will probably miss some things about The Shack, but soon enough the new house will become home. I delighted for you and Hunky Farm Guy and all the fur kids!!!:)


  10. Haha I guess it's good exercise, but I would need my computer and internet moved FIRST! Before the bed!!! ;-) But congrats on (mostly) being moved. hope we can get some sneak peek photos soon :)

  11. any advice on buying a freezer? we want to get one for the basement, but aren't sure where to start. Chest, upright, brand, keeping inventory...

  12. Woohoo! It must be exciting to be moving in! We've been living in our "shed in the woods" for the last 5 years, but our new house is almost done. So hopefully I will be following in your footsteps soon, Kubota moving equipment and all! :)

  13. Hi Everybody,
    Belated thanks for all your enthusiastic comments. We're really enjoying living in the new house! :)

    Hi Heidi,
    My apologies for the delayed reply. A freezer is a wonderful investment - I'm always trying to convince people to buy one. We have several! :)

    I've owned both upright and chest freezers, and for me there's no question - chest freezers are the way to go. They come in all sorts of sizes - from just a few cubic feet on up.

    Last year we bought two 24.9 cubic foot chest freezers like this one to replace the two big freezers we had that were already old when Joe bought them at an auction 20 years ago, and we LOVE them. Even this large sized freezer only costs a few dollars a month to run.

    The only downside to chest freezers is trying to keep them organized, and the 'compartment' system (which you can configure however you like) and removable sliding baskets that come with this model are really great.

    Some people keep a running list of what's in their freezer, but we're not that organized. Instead we try to keep the contents as easy to find/see as possible. Since we raise our own meat, we bring home hundreds of pounds at at a time from the butcher, so we have separate freezers for beef and lamb, another one for baked goods and garden bounty, etc.

    I hope this helps! :)

  14. I, too, wondered where you live in MO. I was born in Missouri, but clear at the other end, almost to the Iowa line. I am so envious of you living on a farm. I've often prayed for a farmer that wore cowboy boots, but so far, the Lord hasn't provided that for me. ;-) Anyway, if you know any old geezers, send him my way. Just kidding.. I'm too old and probably too set in my ways. My daughter and her husband all have ag degrees as well as their two daughters, and they also raise sheep. They're in Oklahoma, however. Enjoy the "show me" state. It's beautiful! Susan in Iowa


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