Wednesday, October 26

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Organizing the New Pantry

Organizing the new pantry 1 -
Kitchen linens all in one place (at last!)

More photos below. . .

Organizing the new pantry 2 -
Vintage Fire King at the ready.

Organizing the new pantry 3 -
Beagle next to the vet supplies.

Organizing the new pantry 4 -

More vintage? Here.
More puppy cute? Here.

©, slowly but surely putting everything in its new place. And that beagle doesn't really live in the pantry. When he's not out chasing rabbits, working on his junior guard dog badge, supervising chickens, digging on the Mole Patrol, or playing with his Buddy Bear, he lives in the kitchen under the 7-foot wide (as yet unused) deck oven on his size large Coolaroo, which is big enough to hold a full grown Labrador (Bert likes a lot of wiggle room, plus he sometimes bunks with Mr. Midnight).


  1. I thought I owned every chicken kitchen towel that was made, but I don't have the one in your picture. Isn't it fun to get organized? Even if it doesn't stay that way for long.

  2. Love your vintage Fire King! That dog is just too durn cute!
    P.S. I made the roasted Brussels Sprouts last night and they were great! Thanks for the recipe! :)

  3. Hi Susan, I wanted to return the blog visit and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. When I read "new pantry" and "new place," I had to investigate further. It's amazing it's taken you 8.5 years to build your new house (good on you for paying as you went), but encouraging too. Our fixer upper seems like it will take forever and sometimes DH wishes we'd built instead, but I think it would take us at least that long too, LOL. Love the photos.

  4. The kitchen towels were inspiration enough! I've got to get my pantry in order. And get cuter kitchen towels. And I have to say that your beagle is inspiring us to consider one for our next dog (once one of ours goes to doggie heaven).

  5. It feels so good to get things into place.

    Bert is a mess.

  6. Love the vintage pretties!!!

  7. I've ordered two of those same style of shelves - really sturdy shelves! Put them in my furnace room for storage but really want to order more because they are really useful but expensive!


  8. I really enjoy your blog. You keep it simple yet inspiring. I wish I could live close by you to visit your beautiful farm. You are so knowledgable in growing gardens and cooking. I planted a garden this past year and it was fun watching it grow but I wasn't able to get anything from it. So, I've went to planting a LOT of bulbs this fall and I'm so excited for spring to come to see what comes up! fun, fun

  9. I really enjoy your dog. He is simple yet inspiring.

  10. Hi Susan! I just love that Bert seems to know where all the 'action' is going on and he always wants to be right in the middle of it all!

    Your pantry looks like it's coming along beautifully! Do you have other Fire King pieces - such as dishes???



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