Saturday, October 22

Saturday Dose of Cute: It's A Dog's Life

Bear and Bert playing in the grass 1 -

More photos below. . .

Bear and Bert playing in the grass 2 -

Having a playful weekend?

©, where beagle Bert brings out the puppy in all of us—and it takes all of us to keep up with the puppy.


  1. What great doggie buddies they are! :)

  2. I have been watching and reading your blog for years but never commented, but now i make exception. These pictures saved this insomniacs night, bring out the smile for the face even after whole night awake. Its so nice to see dogs enjoying their life and playing and allso other animals what you have on farm, its so calming and funny same time that it allways soothes the mind to watch these pics.
    Especially cos due the current situation, i cant have animals on my own(big city isnt best place for dogs).

  3. Good morning farm girl,

    All I want to say is that - I wish I could be a dog in your farm...

    Your photos are always so full of nature and good life. I really enjoy getting your links.

    Have a nice weekend,


  4. Bert is very lucky to have such a loving & caring BF,you can see the how they feel about each other in their faces but Maybe not always as imagine Bert can be a handful sometimes to his doggie pals.

  5. Awwww! Can I be a dog on your farm?

    Love the shadows from your laundry line, they add a nice touch.

  6. Bert loves Buddy and Buddy is such a good elder brother. Bert says, "Come on & play, Buddy! Bet you can't roll over on your back like I can." Buddy's paw across puppy Bert - "I certainly can, but now I've had enough youngster. Take a break."

  7. I don't need to win a contest, and there were 89 comments on the previous post! So I thought I'd write here to say, I have always loved brussels sprouts, even as a kid. I have never put lemon on them but instead, pour vinegar over them with salt and pepper and maybe a bit of butter. Any kind of vinegar will do. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

  8. They are so cute...beautiful shots!
    Love your lovely blog...great stuff :)
    Take care


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