Monday, October 3

Monday Dose of Cute: No Dumb Clucks Here

Lawn care chicken patrol 1 -

"I'm surprised Cheeky and Mr. Fancy Pants can even still walk," my hunky farmguy Joe said one evening as we were finishing up chores and tucking in the chickens for the night.


"Because they spent the whole afternoon following me around while I mowed the grass, feasting on all the bugs I scared up. They've been eating non-stop for hours."

"That's pretty cute—and smart."

"Oh, those two know where the good stuff is alright."

A few days later I was able to see them in action myself—and couldn't stop laughing at the whole scene.

Lots more photos below. . .

Lawn care chicken patrol 2 -

But by then some of the other hens had started catching on.

And of course there has to be a beagle in the mix.

Wishing you a productive and laughter filled week!

Fancy seeing some more fine feathered photos? Just click here.

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  1. Ours do that too. I was tempted to let them in the yard a few times.

  2. That is so funny...and actually very cute! Smart chickens! Nice yard...your lawn looks great...and your hunky farmguy just adds to the picture!

  3. LOL!! Sporting the "full crop uni-boob" too cute!

  4. Whoever said that chickens were bird brains don't know any chickens! Mine follow me around as I garden as welll!

  5. Pretty smart chickens! :) Great pictures!

  6. Opportunistic little scratchers, smart birds.

  7. This is so great! I had no idea chickens were that clever. i suppose this could make mowing the lawn a lot more difficult, however. Truly, it is never dull on the farm, is it? You do not lack for amazing entertainment!!


  8. Wow, FG, that's a great way for the chickens to get some extra protein! Hilarious pictures, too!

    While I don't think my yard will need mowing again until the spring, perhaps I should let Leroy and the girls out for a while. Maybe take the dogs somewhere for a few hours--maybe let Grandmommy dig-sit them for half a day--and see what the chickens do. Hmmmm...


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