Saturday, April 7

Tail End of the Week: Get Your Friday Farm Fix #4

Welcome to the Friday Farm Fix, a new series on Farmgirl Fare where I share a random sampling of what's been happening around the farm during the past week. Just joining us? You'll find all the Friday Farm Fix posts here.

4-6-12 Friday Farm Fix 1
The highlight of our week was a half inch of much needed rain.

Lots more photos below. . .

4-6-12 Friday Farm Fix 2

4-6-12 Friday Farm Fix 3

4-6-12 Friday Farm Fix 4
Twelve year old Whitey the Chicken enjoyed a sunny day outside.

4-6-12 Friday Farm Fix 5
We had another sheep working Sunday.

4-6-12 Friday Farm Fix 6

The mamas and babies enjoyed a mini Sheep Freedom Day, when we let them (quickly!) mow down the small pen behind the barn. We'll move them out into the front field to munch to their heart's delight in about a month, once the grass is taller and the hay is gone. You can read more about our early spring feeding and grazing practices in this post.

Soft and chewy oatmeal coconut cookies, a new recipe I've been working on. I think they're perfect, but my hunky farmguy Joe says I should probably make several more test batches, just to be sure.

Things are really growing up in the homemade greenhouse.

Onion planting time! Three years ago I bought onion plants instead of sets and we had our best onion crop ever. You can read more about my experiences growing onions from purchased plants here.

It's almost time to pick some delicious spring green garlic!

Want a bigger farm fix?

©, the better late than never foodie farm blog where getting something done on a specific day can sometimes be a real challenge, which is why this week we're having Friday on Saturday.


  1. I liked you pictures!

  2. Hooray for the rain!! I always love seeing Bert camped out on the top of the hay! :) Can't wait for the recipe for the oatmeal coconut cookies, YUM!!

  3. Cherokee girl4/08/2012 12:22 AM

    Cookies look yummy. Friday on Saturday just seems to flow for us . Sometimes we get Saturday on Sunday ! Hootie-hoo !

  4. Lovely scenes of Spring with everything fresh & reborn!

  5. Salivating over the coconut oatmeal cookies...I'm ready when you are! This recipe is coming at the perfect time! They'll have to endure about two weeks in the freezer though...have you tested that?!? Please hurry!!! (Indiana Chris)

  6. Great pictures.

    where's the recipe?

  7. Sooooooooooooo many chicks! I am such a sucker for those little fluff balls. *sigh* Which hen is that? Does she have a name?

    I was planning to grow garlic this year, but alas, it has been booted in favor of watermelons. Which, now that I think about it, is sort of a strange switch.

    Have you ever grown onions from seed?

    And that concludes Finny's Random Questionnaire.


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