Wednesday, April 25

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Doodlebug vs. Dog

Molly Doodlebug eyeing Bert's bed -
Getting ready for another hostile takeover

More Molly Doodlebug? Here.
More beagle Bert? Here.

©, where the cats refuse to acknowledge the words dog bed. And 16½ year old, 3¼-pound Molly Doodlebug (aka The Doodle Monster), who was diagnosed with mouth cancer and given just a few months to live back in December 2008, is, thanks to a whole lot of TLC and chicken, still going strong (much to the dogs' dismay). Oh, and less than ten minutes after I snapped this photo, she was laying in that bed.


  1. Dogs are useful bed warmers, so take advantage of them, says the Doodle kitty

  2. Love it - one of my childhood cats (still living at home with my mother, in Michigan) is 16 years old, a Turkish Van- thus long haired white with orange tail and ears) he constantly retakes territory from my step-fathers dogs and is also a Doodlebug- Officially, Pumpkin's name is Sir Pumpkin Doodlebug of the clan of the Mighty Fluff-Fluff- perhaps he and Molly are distanct cousins :-)

  3. Hi Susan.
    I love the Molly girl. I have a black "Doodle bug" now. Quill has the same exotic facial features as Molly and is just as small. A deaf feral mom left her (plus a sister and two bro) literally on my doorstep at just four wks. That was two years ago and I still can't get over how TINY Quill is, BUT she is such a corker. ;)

  4. Love the picture. Poor Bert; his blissful sleep is about to end due to Molly's roughshodding! It must be fun, though, to watch her exert her power!

    You can't change the pecking order, LOL!

    Thanks-I enjoyed this post.

    Diane in North Carolina

  5. You go Molly Doodlebug! :)

  6. Cats and dogs are just hilarious, aren't they? And why is is that so often the littlest one is the bossiness?

  7. Aw, poor Bert! I have such a crush on that little guy. He is such a ham -- even in his sleep.

  8. Attack from above! Beware! Poor snoozing Bert.


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