Wednesday, April 18

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Let's Roll

Let's roll donkeys 1 -

Donkeyland isn't so much a place as a state of mind (and donkeys), but the original Donkeyland is out in what we used to call the sand field (because of its sandy soil). Our seven donkeys spent the past winter in the big fenced front field (because they kept escaping from the badly fenced hayfield, which is where we wanted them to spend the winter), but on March 19th we decided that the grass had grown up enough for them to return to their beloved home base.

The first thing they did? Head straight to their favorite bare spot for a nice roll around in the dirt. First up was little Gnat. . .

More photos below. . .

Let's roll donkeys 2 -
Then Esmeralda. . .

Let's roll donkeys 3 -
Gus. . .

And last but not least, the original, one and only, first longear on the farm, Donkey Doodle Dandy. . .

Where's my treat?

More Donkeyland? Here and here.
More donkeys? Here and here.

©, where this is time of year when the donkeys are between being fluffed out for winter and slicked out for summer. A little scruffy, but still cute.


  1. Their backs most have been so itchy all winter! Our cats do the same on the gravel drive when the snow goes.

  2. Well I got my treat....seeing my old friend DDD. I've missed him and all the donkeys.....Love seeing the true green grass, too.

    I had trouble loading the site at first, then there was a message asking if I wanted to reload, clicked yes and a window came up saying it was a Windows issue and it would be reported, after which the post came right up.

    I'm having such a hard time with myblog, too. Pictures are nearly impossible. Not able to do a thing tonight.
    Oh well, I got to visit donkeyland and that's much better. All is well in my world!

  3. Donkey Spa!

  4. Your donkeys are my favorites of all your animals. Those are terrific photos!

  5. Dan, ever the gentleman, goes last. So good to see him again!


  6. I would say that Gnat is not that little any longer!

  7. NOTHING like a good back scratch! :)

  8. Linda Gilliam-Springfield, Mo.4/19/2012 1:17 PM

    You just MADE MY DAY!!! The DONKEYS are BACK!!! I have MISSED them!!!
    DDD is my fav but little Gnat i's SO cute too!!!!

  9. I always love stopping by your site and viewing the cute pics!

  10. How nice they were taking turns! :)

  11. I don't know sometime who enjoys spring the best animals or humans ... guess all of Us.

  12. These are the best! Made me smile...I love how they go one at at time--no group rolling for them!

  13. Wow your so luck to be living in such a beautiful place with these beautiful animals. The donkeys look like so much fun. Monika

  14. Yay donkeys!!!

    Debbie from Illinois


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