Saturday, February 16, 2008

Farm Photo 2/16/08: Snowed In, Day Six

Just Chillin'

Nobody gets in, and nobody gets out. The half-mile-long, steeply curved part of the driveway is still covered with an impassable layer of snow and ice from Monday's crazy storm, and the rest of the farm hasn't defrosted much either. Yesterday I rescheduled the sheep shearer for the third time.

The sheep are restless, the donkeys are bored, and the chickens are threatening to fly south until spring. Topaz, who had become quite the little outdoorscat, ventured onto the front step this morning and hightailed it right back into The Shack. Robin The Mostly Retired Beagle Dog has been camped out by the woodstove all week and must be forced to go outside and pee.

But the temperature has warmed up slightly, the builders are hoping they'll be able to make it down the driveway on Monday, and we were only without electricity for a couple of hours. There's plenty of firewood, plenty of food, and that pesky little plumbing problem has successfully been fixed.

Thursday I sowed a patch of Swiss chard seeds in the greenhouse. This morning I watched a bright red cardinal bopping around in the snow. The scenery is beautiful, and the animals and farm chores keep us plenty busy. Winter is good.

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  1. "Winter is good." I like your philosophy. I like your sheep, too. :)

  2. You're so lucky! It's 62 degrees here!

  3. Sounds like you are having a touch of cabin fever? Thank goodness you have plenty of firewood and no shortage of animals to keep you occupied! Glad you have the chard started - I bought some seed this week - we got rain today - woo hoo might get to planting here soon!

  4. I know the sheep want to keep their wool for now lol
    Glad the plumbing is working now, can you imagine, no I won't even say it...

  5. Winter is good, isn't it?

    Growing up just barely north of the Mason Dixon line did not teach me much in the way of love for the darker months of the year. Here in the mountains though, as farm activities pick up to a just barely bearable level in the summer half of the year, I have come to love the winter months dearly.

    No, they aren't calm & bereft of to-do lists. But they are so different from the barefoot craze of summer, in such a beautiful way - that they are truly a breath of fresh air.

  6. It is 39 degrees C here today in Adeliade, South Australia. That's about 105 F and I wish I was where you are! No change for 3 more days.

  7. Awwww, there is that sweet little Topaz again! Out here on the West Coast of Canada it rarely stays below freezing during the day. It's difficult trucking water out to all the animals when the outside water is frozen, so I can relate to your being snowed in for 6 days. I hope you stay nice and toasty by the wood stove. Give that little Topaz an extra scratch and a kiss for me! :->

  8. "Winter IS good". So true. :-))

    I like to save some of this to remember during summer in MO.:-((

  9. Brrr.... I have just the thing to help you bide your time. ; )

    Susan, I've just awarded you an Excellent Blog Award. Please check out my post to day for more details. I have been reading your blog for a while now, and love what you're doing!

  10. I just found your blog. I totally have greenhouse envy - thanks for linking back to the photos of buidling the greenhouse. I'm off to go explore more of your recipes! Thanks for all the posts!

  11. Since we live on a farm without animals (except for one cat), winter days are for staying inside as much as possible, planning the garden and other plantings for spring, and working on the interior of our house. And trying recipes! :) It's such a different speed-of-day than those warm weather ones.

    I broke my ankle several weeks ago and have been told so many times "thank heaven you did it in the dead of winter. Oh, yes! ;)

    Hope you dig out soon (and the builders arrive tomorrow!).


  12. With ice and snow - I'm envisioning all of this kind of quiet and tranquil - even though there's work to be done. What is it about ice and snow that does that?

  13. I'm sending the springtime vibes your way so that you'll thaw out soon! Stay warm in the meantime.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  14. 6 days? Reminds me of the time I was trapped for 1 week in my grandmother's house during the blizzard of 1978. Just the two of us and one holly hobbie puzzle.

  15. I have a question about bread -- what is the difference between just plain rye and pumpernickle bread? Do you have a good pumpernickle recipe?

  16. Hi, I found you the other day. I love reading about your farm and all your animals. I grew up on a little farm in Southern Missouri near Mountain View, Missouri. Your pet sheep are sooo cute! I put one of your recipes on my site and a link back to your site. I hope that's ok with you? Check it out.

  17. Oh my! Snowed in! Hope things thaw out a little for you soon.

  18. Being snowed in was my childhood dream. Luckily, growing up in Wisconsin, it was a dream that came true every so often!

  19. Brrrrrrr! Just found your blog and have been looking through your pictures..what great ones!!

  20. At least you seem to have everything you need on-hand just in case. We've been hit by several big winter storms this year in Northern Arizona. We still have snow on the ground from our first big storm in December. What a winter!

  21. This post describes all the things that make me want to live in the country. You are so wonderful to share your life with us! Happy Snow!

  22. What a fun week... I love this time of year with its dark evenings and snowy mornings... It's tough getting out in it, and all that, but it is pretty... I loved the photo of the donkeys in the snow. Had to put it on my desktop for a couple of days to cheer me through the cold snap... Love your blog.


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