Saturday, February 9

Farm Photo 2/9/08: Donkey Update

We Call Them The Greys

Dinky (who is Dolores' son) has fluffed up for winter and is now definitely two different colors. At just over 7 months old, he's also officially taller than Dan (who's taking this news very well).

Daphne has her winter coat on, too, but all that bulk isn't just fluff. Yep, that's right. If all goes well, around the middle of April Daphne will have a baby - and Dan will become a Donkey Doodle Daddy. I wonder what color it will be.

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  1. They are so cute! I love the 2 colors and congrats on the baby to be.

  2. OMG. Are you up for birthin' a donkey?
    You rock.

  3. "Lordy, Miz Farmgirl! I don't know nothin' bout birthin' no donkeys!"

    OK, sorry to get all Gone with the Wind on you there. That's awesome news! DDD as a daddy! HOORAY!

  4. Love love love those ears! Dinky looks a little wooly... has he been hanging with the sheep too much?

  5. Congrats to Daphne and Dan! Can't wait to see pics of the Baby!

  6. You da man Dan! Lovely family portrait Susan - donkeys have such a peaceful face - (well except for the photos of Dan braying - I recall those look a bit intimidating! )

  7. Can't wait to see junior :)...I really hope he will be a certain degree of course:D

  8. I can't wait to hear the new baby's name!!! How fun! I must inform my girls, they'll be thrilled to pieces!


  9. I thought she looked a little round in the middle, but I thought that was just me always thinking things like that.

    Man, 5 Donkeys - I wouldn't be able to stand all the cuteness.

  10. If this keeps up, you'll run out of D names. Maybe.

  11. Hey can you tell me about those boca adds? How does a blogger get one going?

  12. Hi Everybody!
    Thanks for all your sweet comments. I, too, am really excited about Daphne's baby. As far as the whole donkey birthing experience goes, Dolores did have Dinky here on the farm on July 2nd (I still need to share photos and write more about that!), but she came to us pregnant, so the father wasn't Dan. This is, understandably, more exciting. ; )

    Hi Daisy,
    Run out of 'D' names? I don't think Joe will let me keep that many donkeys, LOL.

    We actually decided on the 'D' names because 2007 was the year our ewe lambs were all given 'D' names. We started back in 2004 with 'A' names, and it turned out to be one of the best ideas we ever had because now it's so easy to remember how old each sheep is!

    I figured 'D' donkey names would ensure we'd never forget we got the girls (and Dinky was born) in 2007 - and it just so happened Dan's a 'D,' too, so he matches, but of course we know he's been here since before last year. ; )

    This means that technically Daphne's baby should be given an 'E' name, but I really like the 'D' names better. We certainly can't name it Eeyore! Well, I suppose we could. ; )

    Hi R2k,
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