Monday, February 11

Valentine's Day Treats: Lots Of Sweet Recipes On My Latest Recipe Roundup For FoodieView

Chocolate Babycakes With Mocha Buttercream

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and while the traditional card and box of candy or bouquet of flowers definitely lets that special someone know you care, a homemade treat from the kitchen truly says I love you. You'll find a wide variety of romantic recipes from around the web - including Chocolate Mousse Tartlettes, Coconut Orange Cake, Homemade Berry Marshmallows, and these Chocolate Babycakes (made using my super easy Emergency Chocolate Cake recipe I wrote about back in 2005) - in my Valentine's Day Treats Recipe Roundup at FoodieView

FoodieView is a neat site run by some really nice foodies that makes "good food easy to find, whether you're dining in or dining out." Check out the restaurant guides for nine major cities (more will be added) or search through over 1 million recipes from places like Cooking Light, Eating Well, Gourmet/Bon Appetit, Fine Cooking, Food Network, Sunset, and Saveur. The neatest part about the FoodieView search engine is that you can narrow down your search criteria by ingredient, dish, cuisine, special considerations (gluten free, low carb, vegetarian, etc.), sources, and more, including famous chefs.

My last FoodieView Recipe Roundup covered Cozy Breads For Cold Winter Days, and my next one will be all about potatoes. You'll find all of the FoodieView Recipe Roundups here, and you can subscribe to them via e-mail here.

So what's your favorite Valentine's Day treat? If you've written about it on your blog, you're welcome to leave a link to it in the comments section.

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Don't worry - we eat more than dessert here on the farm. We enjoy lots of homemade bread, too. And you'll find plenty of my Less Fuss, More Flavor savory recipes (let's hear it for vegetables!) in the sidebar of the Farmgirl Fare homepage under Previous Posts: Food Stuff W/ Recipes. May you always eat well.

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  1. Wow, what a gorgeous, mouth-watering treat greeted me when I looked at your blog today. Pardon me for not saying more, I'm in a hurry to go find the recipe.

  2. Oh my FG! - do you recall the Bill Cosby routine about feeding his children chocolate cake for breakfast?! Love your recipes - woo hoo about making something for Valentine's Day!

  3. I had a chocolate cake emergency tonight, and you saved me. God bless your cake recipe (and the adorable cupcakes that I made from it!). I love your blog, and I adore your donkeys.

    Thanks as always for being one of my favorite spots on the internet. :)

  4. Yum, yum. (salivating just reading the recipe)

  5. Hey Susan, I just found your blog, and I LOVE it! You are so funny and cute and interesting. I have about 10 recipes already that I am dying to make...keep it up!

  6. Talk about a chocolate shot in the arm!!! I'm all about that Monkey Cake thing but my bananas aren't ripe enough yet, maybe by the weekend they'll be ready.

    Can I say have a good weekend even though it is only Tuesday? It doesn't seem that far away for some reason. Have a good week, that will work!


  7. I just wanted to let you know that I finally tried your recipe for Emergency Chocolate Cake, and WOW, what a fabulous recipe!! You were right - 20 minutes from taking the butter out of the fridge to licking the beaters. I printed out the recipe for my friends and gave it to each of them along with a piece of cake.

    I didn't have any sour cream or yogurt on hand, so I made it with 3/4 cup of half and half, and it worked fine. I now keep yogurt on hand for those chocolate emergencies. Thanks so much!

  8. Those baby cakes look so yummy! I want one right now!!

    I love recipe roundups, too. Thank you!

    Per your invitation, I just blogged about an aphrodisiac infused Valentines Day picnic at home here, should you be interested.

    Happy Valentines Day!!

    ~ Paula


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